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Social media marketing

Social media marketing – Offers huge benefits for the business

by vtekion May 17, 2017
Social media marketing is said to have gained further inroads in the last couple of years. Rather, in today’s highly competitive online world, it has acquired a crucial role, something that simply cannot be denied or neglected. The fact is that over two billion people have been using different social media platforms at any given […]
social media optimisation

What is social media optimisation?

by vtekion September 1, 2016
Social media optimisation (SMO) is increasingly becoming known as the ‘new search engine optimisation (SEO)’, as it helps companies of all sizes thrive in a fast-paced social media community that is ever-changing and continuously growing, making it a vital part of any company’s online marketing Dubai. But what is social media optimisation (SMO)? And how […]

Benefits of an Electronic Newsletter

by vtekion October 22, 2014
When you own your own business, it can be hard to get your name out into the Denver community. There are a lot of people that struggle understanding how to get customers to come in for the first time and then how to make sure that customers feel the need to come back. This process […]


by vtekion October 20, 2014
When you are a small business owner in Sunnyvale, it can be hard to know how you are going to dive into a marketing strategy. Often times it can feel overwhelming, even though it is absolutely necessary. There are a lot of people that have a hard time understanding how they are going to find […]

Different Kinds of Advertising Styles

by vtekion August 17, 2014
When you find that you are trying to find the best way to reach out and market to the Elkhart community, it is important that you understand how to be effective. There are a lot of people that do not realize how thought out their advertising campaign should be. Make sure that you take the […]
Banner For A Trade Show

Creating A Banner For A Trade Show

by vtekion August 16, 2014
If you are heading to a trade show in Austin this year, it is important that you know how your company is going to be represented. There are a lot of people that do not realize how integral their banner will be to their success at the trade show. You want to make sure that […]

Create a Product Catalog

How to Create a Product Catalog

by vtekion August 15, 2014
When you are looking for new ways to get your West Palm Beach company out to a new audience, it is important that you are wise about your thought process. Although printing something on paper may seem like an archaic way to market, you will be surprised with the number of new customers that you […]

Is Co-Branding Right For You?

by vtekion August 15, 2014
Co-branding is nothing new, something that consumers have learned to digest but often they don’t realize all of the work that goes behind it. Some brands co-brand with everyone, while others are new to the co-branding elements of marketing. The success or failure of co-branding will depend on the type of company you run and […]

Promotional Strategies

Top Promotional Strategies

by vtekion August 13, 2014
When you want to run a promotion for your Lake Mary business, you should be sure that you can create a strategy that is effective. You want to develop a strategy that is going to drive people to participate in your promotion. Researching the right promotion and ensuring that you are effective can be time […]
Mobile Marketing Trends of 2014

Mobile Marketing Trends of 2014

by vtekion August 10, 2014
If you’re trying to increase your market presence, you might sometimes feel discouraged about what’s happening to advertising. Maybe you’re trying direct mail and email blasts, but nothing seems to be working. But just know this: things aren’t going to change back to a mainly print-based advertising environment. To get the most out of your […]