YouTube to mp4 converter free download

3 Prime Reasons to Use a Free YouTube Converter Today

by Shubhi Guptaon September 18, 2019
Everyone loves YouTube, in fact, every day there are more than 5 billion videos watched in this channel. From gaming videos, tutorials, songs, movies, previews, promos, educative videos, workout videos and more, YouTube offers a solution to almost any predicament. Not to forget, YouTube is the best solution if one wants to kill time by […]
best ERP provider

How to select the best ERP provider in India?

by vtekion August 23, 2019
Gone are the times when ERP was considered as an investment meant for a few MNCs. Now, the SMEs and startups are actively hunting for ERP providers in India to run and grow their business expediently. In short, ERP is no more a matter of luxury for businesses. It has become a necessity and the […]

signup with strait3d

Reasons why you should signup with strait3d

by vtekion May 16, 2019
Working as a 3D modelling professional can be a difficult and frustrating existence. You see yourself as an artist. Your job is important, as it helps others bring their ideas to life. One of the most crucial steps in developing a new product is constructing a model of it. That gives people, including the creator, […]
Spa Software

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool and Spa Software to Help your Business

by vtekion February 15, 2019
For a lot of people, a trip to the swimming pool, salon, or spa is a very relaxing event, a welcome change from the stress and grind of everyday life. (Click here to know what benefits you get from spa baths.)They can’t see beyond scissors and foils; they do not know what lurks behind the […]


WHOIS or WHOWAS Data? What Steps is ICANN Going to Take Next

by vtekion December 25, 2018
ICANN refuses GDPR The decision to refuse GDPR did not proceed without heavy deliberation. ICANN negotiated all the way up until May 25. Even making a last-minute decision to file an injunction against EPAG, instead of complying with GDPR. Their reason being, they needed more clarification, in order to proceed with GDPR adoption. Also, the […]
How SAP can Help Grow your Business

How SAP can Help Grow your Business

by vtekion November 24, 2018
If you are new in the business than you might have heard of some terms like SAP, ERPs and many more which might have left you confused when you see them all over the places. But do not need to worry. Today here, it will be well explained what is SAP and how SAP can Help Grow […]

Online Forms

Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Online Forms

by vtekion November 19, 2018
Odds are you’ve seen online forms used on numerous websites, and maybe even on social media. While the ways in which these forms can be use are diverse, for businesses in particular they have a lot of potential. If your business isn’t already using online forms – it should be. In fact there are several […]
How to Post YouTube videos on Facebook

How to Post YouTube videos on Facebook

by vtekion October 4, 2018
Social media is dominating the digital market of the world today. A company before launching their product relies a lot on social media marketing. They often upload a short trailer of their product and wait for the feedback of the audiences to estimate the revenue the product is going to fetch. Technology is continuously evolving […]

Employ Chatbot

There is a Strong Reason You Should Employ Chatbot

by vtekion July 9, 2018
It is the time to admit that you are lacking behind. Yes, you are lacking behind if you are not using the concept of Chatbot. There are businesses out there that are touching the greatest heights with the help of this concept. Since the world is getting advanced and the expectations are on rise; it […]
Mac Blog Software

Mac Blog Software on Ecto and Mars Edit

by vtekion May 24, 2018
On this occasion, you are working with some blogs with blogs and in the quantity of posts, you need a formal blogging program on your computer when a period comes. As I have another MacBook Air, I hunt over the MacNet Blog Programming Network. This article is a short audit of two remarkable projects on […]