Best free and open-source software testing tools

by Shubhi Guptaon January 16, 2018
In IT sector software testing is an advanced and growing field that opens the door of career for many young candidates. It provides many different career scopes for candidates and the wide range of opportunities. Many candidates jump towards making their career in Testing because of huge scope in IT sector. It offers Software Testing […]


by vtekion October 29, 2017
Vidmate is the most tremendous app and an awesome way to explore new and popular apps/games accessed for the downloading of bollywood movies online. Through this app, user can attain the access of downloading unlimited full movie without any issues. And hence, you can also check out for many of the latest and hottest movies […]

Comparing Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

Comparing Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

by vtekion August 18, 2017
There are a lot of different eCommerce platforms out there, but Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce are certainly among the best. The more time you take to look into these platforms, the better of a decision you will be able to make. You definitely don’t want to choose just any of these platforms, but instead take […]
Online Video Conferences

5 Most Popular Tools for Making Online Video Conferences

by sam bawaon July 28, 2017
Today, we want to present some web tools to anyone planning to hold a seminar, organize a round table, online conferences, or a free tutoring session at a minimal cost. You can also use these tools to organize discussions with students around topics of interest to the class. The tools that appear in the list […]

employee monitoring software

Worried about Performance Chart – Track Your Employees and Achieve Peaks

by vtekion May 25, 2017
IT departments are overloaded with responsibilities, particularly when it comes to performance monitoring. Development team members are often being bombarded with unnecessary email alerts and spending hours looking for the root causes of performance and availability issues. Companies everywhere are tracking employees’ activities in all kinds of ways in an effort to become more streamlined […]
Dental Practice with Software

Elevating Your Dental Practice with Software, Systems, and Services

by sam bawaon January 7, 2017
Does it ever feel like you and your staff spend more time doing data entry than caring for patients? The arduous, inevitable task of account maintenance is stealing time from your caretakers, and ultimately from your clients. Patient-centred care is the new maxim of the industry, and it takes a focused and committed effort to […]

logo design

Achieve through Uniqueness

by vtekion December 14, 2016
Everything presented has to have uniqueness in order to achieve recognition and acknowledgement along with an established significant position in the commercial horizon.  It is important for individuals and businesses to have an exclusive design, which describes their organizational customs and their core values of the organization. Logo is the primary asset, which defines the […]
Video App

How to get your own Video App

by Atulon November 28, 2016
Do you want to make yourself more available and accessible to your fans and followers? Do you have a bunch of videos scattered all over the internet that you would like to categories and arrange them in one place? This will definitely increase your reach to your fans and your easy accessibility will help you […]

mobile app development business

Things to consider before starting your own iphone mobile app development business

by vtekion May 13, 2016
iPhone has already been a favourite for many mobile users. About 3 – 4 years ago, owning an iPhone was more of a status symbol and only few could afford it. The reason behind its popularity is its amazing features like internet, touch screen, memory size and synchronisation with other iPhone equipments. But the only […]

Top 5 Ways How Online Meeting Can Help Your Firm

by vtekion April 19, 2016
The days of technology have come, where everything has got digitized, from the way of communicating to socializing. Well, the impact also has been seen on the way of doing business, and its conventional modes have just changed. Earlier, when every meeting used to mark the physical presence of the staff member, nowadays, everything happens […]