DS 2CD2385G1 I 2.8 MM

Why Does Hikvision DS 2CD2385G1 I 2.8 MM Stand Apart from Other CCTV Cameras?

by Shubhi Guptaon October 23, 2019
There are hundreds of CCTV camera models available in the market today and most of them promise great things. Unfortunately, this can make buying a new camera difficult because there’s no lack of options but a distinct lack of information available online. When you want to buy a CCTV camera, it is important to look […]
wireless security cameras for surveillance

The best features of wireless security cameras for surveillance

by vtekion June 22, 2019
The closed-circuit television camera known as CCTV Camera can produce video and audio which helps in providing an extra security cover to the possessions of a person. It may be office, homes, school, or any other places. It works as an extra shield against any possible threat. Thus having a CCTV Camera in our surroundings […]

Cloud TV Playout Services

5 Amazing Ways Cloud TV Playout Services Is Improvising New Domains of Technology

by vtekion January 7, 2019
Numerous media organizations are currently capable, with the help of cloud playout, to take part in an altogether new scope of media openings, while separating topographical and recorded substance limits, at last changing the manner in which watchers expend media. At a foundation level, cloud playout offers an adaptable, programmable stage to have a wide […]
Best TVs OLED Of 2018

5 Best TVs OLED Of 2018

by vtekion December 27, 2018
OLED TVs have the best picture quality presently accessible. In case you are sitting in front of the TV in a dull room, OLEDs can show immaculate blacks, which upgrade picture quality. They can’t get as brilliant as LED TVs and have a danger of picture maintenance or consume it, even though it is expected […]

best tv to buy

10 Most Desirable Features While Buying A TV In 2018

by vtekion May 10, 2018
TVs weren’t what they used to be a few years ago. Ever since internet became faster and more accessible, it led to TVs getting smarter and today, it can do a lot more than simply just browse channels from your local cable provider. Over the years, TVs have continue to evolve at a rapid pace […]
iPhone 6

Troubleshooting Your iPhone 6s

by vtekion March 23, 2016
Every year, Apple releases a brand new smartphone and it’s usually highly anticipated by many. Apple’s latest release is the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Like all gadgets, these new models were rumored to have issues and we’re here to help! So before you head down to the Apple store, read on and maybe you’ll […]

Mobile Websites

Choosing between Tablet PC’s desktop or laptop

by vtekion October 26, 2015
Tablet PC’s is a mobile computer. This is the advance version of mobile. Computer is the combination of many parts like keyboard, screen, CPU, battery. All parts combine and make computer. But now due to advanced technology, all parts combine within a short device called tablet pc. A tablet PC’s is combination of touch screen […]
Seven blunders of the technology in the world

Seven blunders of the technology in the world

by vtekion August 13, 2015
All of us have heard about 7 wonders of the world. Then why list down top 7 technology blunders? The reason is simple- all of us are dazzled by successful technology innovations day in and day out. Is it all hunky dory in the world of technology? No sir! The successful path breaking technologies are […]

Handy Corporate Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

Handy Corporate Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

by vtekion October 17, 2014
There are tons of corporate gift ideas for this holiday season. But the question is which ones are truly going to work? This is always a problem for most people and if you wanted to consider the best, you better check out only the best too. This is why, we present to you the top […]
Fujifilm FinePix SL300

Fujifilm FinePix SL300 Specifications with Price in India

by vtekion October 3, 2013
Introduction: It is possible to define Fujifilm FinePix SL300 as a chunky DSLR-Style compact digital camera that is indeed making a strong impact in the fraternity among all concerned customers. There are a few technical specifications that make the aforementioned model of camera an ultimate delight among the fraternity of all customers. Fujifilm FinePix SL300 […]