About Us

Vteki.com – Where Tech Meets The World.
Vteki.com is one of the India’s leading technology and information blogging site. It is a platform for technology, review, gadgets, internet, social media and other start ups. Not only blogs but vTeki.com also covers latest news and meaningful analysis on new technology and announcements and launches around the world. One can find reviews, updates, comparisons across a wide variety of gadgets, mobiles, tablets, mobile accessories on vTeki.com.
Vteki.com website is dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest updates in personal technology to the latest digital lifestyle trends.
Vteki.com is one of the biggest and finest product comparison and information platforms meant for Indian tech-savvies. Research Center at vTeki.com portal provides the best possible tools that are needed to make informed buying decisions. The portal comes armored with product summary, expert reviews, description of features and specifications, product ratings and pictures, user reviews etc making it possible for even a layperson to know all the tips and tricks of a specific product and decide to buy or not to buy. Vteki.com database is growing rapidly as new models across all product categories are added every day along with its expert review. The slogan to develop this platform was to help the potential buyers with authentic real time product information with actual technical figures about the products available in the market. .

About The Owner
Vteki.com is formed by Monika Rawat from Gurgaon with a mind set for making it big in the technology and blogging sites started the entrepreneurial journey in October 2011 with an initial set up.
Her vision is to make an optimistic change for our customers, clients, readers by providing informative tips on the use of information technology. Community involvement is welcomed and readers are recommended to voice their thoughts and beliefs on our site by joining our forum discussions or commenting on our entries. The site is regularly updated and to be update on the tech front is to follow the site on regular basis. One can also subscribe to one of our subscription options to stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends. One can also connect with us on Facebook where we have a page set up to share a lot of our content and updates. We are also on Pin interest – an online pin board, on twitter and various other social networking sites.
Monika Rawat strived hard day and night to get collect the data from different brands and on different gadgets, mobiles, mobile accessories, tablets and publish it on its only portal vTeki.com. An in-depth research is conducted on various gadgets from various brands to give a comparison and up-to-date information on the gadgets.
It makes life simpler for the readers who are looking for any update on any of the products on its ratings, user reviews, costing, etc.
We’re continuously working towards bettering the platform and we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and views on how we can provide more value.
We hope you all enjoy our blogs.