website application development partner

Choosing the right website application development partner

by vtekion April 18, 2019
Before you even think of bringing on a business partner who has expertise in developing web applications, make sure to check their level of partnership, leadership style, experience and skills. Given the high importance of website application, one cannot ignore its importance. So, here is a quick rundown of choosing the right partner for your […]
Videomate Apps –The best apps for media editing

Videomate Apps –The best apps for media editing

by sam bawaon March 10, 2019
What is Videomate app? It is a video splitting app for WhatsApp statuses and Instagram stories that allows you to split a single long video into multiple parts of 30 second durations and post them as video statuses to make them appear as seamless regular videos. Why was there a need for such an app? […]

Troubleshoot Network Problems

Tips for Resolve and Troubleshoot Network Problems

by vtekion March 7, 2019
Clients on the off chance that you if it not too much bother we would ask for you hold quickly to all underneath given direction cautiously. It might in like way intrigue you to comprehend that your switch is the foundation of your whole home structure. In such cases, you ought to be much express […]
Understand the Functionality of Best Video Downloader

Understand the Functionality of Best Video Downloader

by sam bawaon January 14, 2019
Smartphones are designed with better application which bests for users. This is used for different purpose today. If you stream videos regularly and want to use best application, you can utilize Vidmate install and stay tuned with lots of multimedia content. It is ideal for different devices like android, ios, PC, and lot more. Users […]

Reasons for operating digital marketing service in Ludhiana

Reasons for operating digital marketing service in Ludhiana

by sam bawaon January 12, 2019
In this era, marketing is a crucial way to connect with customers easily. It is an essential key activity which takes place in every business. It helps businesses to reach information about new brand easily to customers.  Digital marketing allows the business owner to promote their product in a digital manner.  With any electronic media, […]
Cloud TV Playout Services

5 Amazing Ways Cloud TV Playout Services Is Improvising New Domains of Technology

by vtekion January 7, 2019
Numerous media organizations are currently capable, with the help of cloud playout, to take part in an altogether new scope of media openings, while separating topographical and recorded substance limits, at last changing the manner in which watchers expend media. At a foundation level, cloud playout offers an adaptable, programmable stage to have a wide […]

Vidmate Application for Absolute Entertainment in Life

Vidmate Application for Absolute Entertainment in Life

by sam bawaon December 31, 2018
The excitement for carrying on with a superior and cheerful life is as imperative as some other things we improve the situation a decent occupation and films and movies are a decent wellspring of having a fabulous time throughout everyday life. Individuals watch Movies and TV Shows on Television for loosening up the psyche and […]
Best TVs OLED Of 2018

5 Best TVs OLED Of 2018

by vtekion December 27, 2018
OLED TVs have the best picture quality presently accessible. In case you are sitting in front of the TV in a dull room, OLEDs can show immaculate blacks, which upgrade picture quality. They can’t get as brilliant as LED TVs and have a danger of picture maintenance or consume it, even though it is expected […]


WHOIS or WHOWAS Data? What Steps is ICANN Going to Take Next

by vtekion December 25, 2018
ICANN refuses GDPR The decision to refuse GDPR did not proceed without heavy deliberation. ICANN negotiated all the way up until May 25. Even making a last-minute decision to file an injunction against EPAG, instead of complying with GDPR. Their reason being, they needed more clarification, in order to proceed with GDPR adoption. Also, the […]
9Apps and Vidmate

Steps To Download 9Apps and Vidmate on Your Device

by sam bawaon September 15, 2018
Gone are the days when you have to wait for a long time to download an app and song from the internet. With the advancement of technology and the increased usage of the internet, you can able to download content in just a few minutes. In the online marketplace, there are plenty of apps and […]