SMS services

SMS – A fast way to connect people

by sam bawaon October 27, 2017
SMS, an acronym for Short Message Service, is a text message service which is mostly used in telephone, World Wide Web and mobile telephony systems. To exchange short text messages, it enables mobile phone devices to use standard communication protocols. This protocol allows the user to send and receive a 160 alpha numeric characters to […]
Microsoft Surface Phone

The Microsoft Surface Phone Is Ready To Release by the End of the Year

by sam bawaon September 28, 2017
In the field of communication, the best and most preferred device is a cell phone. The advanced version of a cell phone is known as a smartphone. There are various technologies and operating systems with the help of which the user can use various applications on the smartphone and carry out various tasks. It can […]

Website Development Services

WordPress- the Most Demanding Website Development Services

by sam bawaon August 18, 2017
Since 2003, WordPress has been there in providing its services and it has been most popular blogging software on the market. For the last few years, WordPress has also become the CMS (Content Management Software) of choice for the non-blogging websites. Today, WordPress is so much popular and that’s the reason why most of the […]
Samsung Galaxy S9

Users found a serious problem in S8, so wait for Samsung Galaxy S9

by sam bawaon June 14, 2017
The first users of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 could hack into the device with the help of photographs. Unlock smartphone was captured in a video clip published in iDevice Help YouTube-account. Quite shocking. Strongly Recommend, wait for Galaxy S9 to get launched which will surely not have these kinds of issues, next year. […]

charter spectrum

How does charter spectrum work

by sam bawaon May 29, 2017
Not so long ago, we used to live in an era when high internet speeds were neither a norm, nor our need. Yes, agencies and organizations like NASA might still have a lot better internet at their disposal, but as far as home usage was concerned, we were quite contented with what was available to […]
Hybrid Apps

Native and Hybrid Apps – A Quick Overview

by vtekion May 25, 2017
A native app is a smartphone application developed specifically for a mobile operating system (think Objective-C or Swift for IOS vs. Java for Android). Since the app is developed within a mature ecosystem following the technical and user experience guidelines of the OS (e.g. swipes, app defined gestures, left aligned header on Android, centrally aligned […]

phone monitoring app

What features make complete phone monitoring app

by vtekion May 2, 2017
In the present world of advancement in technology, there are many such brilliant apps which allow you to track some other person’s phone activities. These complete phone monitoring apps are mostly used by parents and companies to monitor the activities of their children and employees. As a parent, you might give your child a cell […]
Cloud testing services

Read at Glance—Importance of Cloud testing services

by vtekion April 14, 2017
Today, the adoption of cloud testing services is increasingly considered by many organizations that promise to serve an appropriate option for not only reducing costs but also to maintain the status competitively. It has helped many organizations to transform their business aspects into modern ways of delivering optimum results. This was a short information regarding […]

Spying Apps

kon Exploring the Positive Side of Using Spying Apps

by vtekion April 6, 2017
Human mind is a curious little thing. Sometimes, it makes ideas of its own without any sound basis and that is what was previously called as superstitions. However, now the modern era superstitions are doubts. Doubts is the new word for the incomprehensible ideas our brain has about people, things etc. More often than before […]

How to prevent your IP Address from being Leaked by your VPN

by vtekion March 29, 2017
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have always been very handy for added online security, though the major reason why people use them so often is to change or hide their IP address.  This gives them the advantage of viewing or accessing content that would not have been allowed in their native geographical location or help them […]