What is social media optimisation?

By on September 1, 2016

Social media optimisation (SMO) is increasingly becoming known as the ‘new search engine optimisation (SEO)’, as it helps companies of all sizes thrive in a fast-paced social media community that is ever-changing and continuously growing, making it a vital part of any company’s online marketing Dubai.
But what is social media optimisation (SMO)? And how does it help your business and its cause? We investigate.

Social Media Optimisation

According to webopedia, social media optimisation is ‘the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity’, and – in more simple terms – can be seen as the ideal collaboration between SEO and social media.

Why SMO is important

Now that we have an understanding of what SMO is, why is it important to your brand?
1. It increases your reach and drives more traffic to your website. Social media channels give businesses a number of platforms where they can reach out to their customers all over the world, with the advantage of furthering that reach.
2. It ensures that your presence on the web is strong and noticeable. To build authority for your brand, there is a need to have a strong presence on the web as a strong web presence ensures that you introduce people to your business and its services.
3. It is increasingly used for lead generation. Lead generation is vital in order to make sales and to attract new customers, and social media channels can transform your lead generation campaigns significantly, which will turn into more profit in the long run.
4. It will improve your search engine ranking. CMO will affect your positing in search engine rankings, as search engines have started to take content from social media platforms and displaying them in the list of search results.

How you can Monitor SMO

One of the easiest ways you can monitor your business’s SMO is through a social media monitoring tool. However, there is a lot of them on the market, making it increasingly difficult to choose one that is the best for your business.
The most important two factors you need to look at are:
1. Your budget/the amount you can or are willing to spend each month
2. What platforms the tool supports (Facebook/Twitter/etc) and compare them to the platforms you use.
Once you have made a decision about your budget and know what platforms you use and need your tool to support you can then hone in on the relevant tool.
A few of the most popular SMO monitoring tools include: Viralheat, Sprout Social and Spredfast, all of which vary in price.

What do you need to Monitor?

What you need to monitor and measure when it comes to your campaigns will not be worth anything if you do not define your objectives and know what outcome you want from those objectives.
Once you know what your objective is and the outcome you want by the end of it, you can the start to look at your Reach, Engagement, and Sales Conversions, put them all into a report and be able to make comparisons.

Why do you need to Monitor your SMO

SMO offers companies the opportunity to make the most out of their social media platforms and the content they want to share with their consumers and potential customers, helping them to identify and reach the traffic they had been missing in the past and growing their following and customer base.
Gradually being seen as the new SEO, SMO – if implemented well – can be used by businesses as a way to thrive on a variety of social media platforms, increasing the awareness of their brand or products while improving their website’s organic search in the process.

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