5 Cool Apps for Your Android Phone

By on September 22, 2015

Now by no means these apps are declared as the most renowned apps of 2015 till now. But I have derived great profits from using these apps on my smartphone. Smartphones are called smart for a reason and by installing these apps on my phone; I have made my busy life a lot easier and simpler. Do you want to know which those apps are that have made me gaga about them? Keep reading on to know:

  1. Freecharge: If you are a prepaid user and have a talkative personality, you must be acquainted with the game of missed calls. Owing to that, you might even have derived the name of a miser! And all this because you don’t like the hassle of walking to a shop and standing in queue waiting for your number to get a recharge for your phone. Say hello to Freecharge, make use of freecharge coupons on CashKaro.com and recharge your phone anytime and anywhere. Plus every transaction you do on Freecharge earns you equal value rewards making your transaction almost free. Awesome, right? Over 15 million users trust Freecharge. It’s time you too now!
  1. Jabong: Jabong is known as India’s premium online Fashion shopping portal. You can shop from over 1200+ brands that offer more than 1,30,000+ products across a large range of categories such as apparels, shoes, jewellery, accessories, bags, beauty, sunglasses and more. With Jabong app, you can shop for them anywhere you are. Be it that impromptu party you have got an invitation for and have no time to go outside and scout for the best dresses or a bag that you require at the end moment with only 3 days to go for invitation, get choicest products at your doorstep.
  2. MobiKwik: Now when you have installed Jabong app, you must be wondering how I find the best deals online. MobiKwik app is your answer to all discounts and deals. When you shop from MobiKwik on Jabong, you get to earn cashback on your transaction. Isn’t that super cool? There are many retailers listed with MobiKwik to reduce your shopping bill. Top it with the mobiKwik coupons present on CashKaro.com which will fetch you great deals and discounts to make your shopping experience truly enjoyable. Another great thing about it is that you can keep your money in MobiKwik wallet and pay on retailer’s website for your purchases via it only.
  3. Evernote
  • We live a super busy life and sometimes our brain gets too busy that it starts to forget the tasks it’s supposed to perform. This hectic life can get the best out of many. Evernote is one app which has made my life simpler. Be it the random ideas popping in my head anywhere or preparing a checklist for the coming weekend, assigning a deadline to an important task or discussing a project with others easily; this app helps me do all of this in a comfortable manner without me having to wrack my brain.
  1. Mint
  • Spending within budget yet not being too strict on myself is something I constantly juggle with. But thanks to Mint app, it has got a little easier. You need this app in your life if you find yourself always spending out of budget or especially if you are a student struggling to find the balance between over-spending and what’s considered as normal. It will organize your expenses and financial accounts by creating a budget that you have to stick to. You can assign the spending limits and manage your budget. You can even set up bill reminders so that you never miss making a payment on time.

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