5 reasons that prove iPad hire a better option than buying for professionals

By on December 6, 2017

Is iPad the invention of the century? The debate may continue but the popularity this gadget is getting among masses is astonishing. It may not win as the invention of the century but it is definitely the most popular gadget of its era. There are hundred other tablet vendors including big names as Samsungs, LG, Google’s Nexus is also among top charts. But the reception Appel’s iPad has received was one of its kind. Apple launched the very first model of this amazingly addicting gadget in 2010. Selling over 250 million units till 2015, Apple seems not in a mood to look back and is constantly updating its device. The gadget is loved among masses but it has the price tag that makes many people pessimist. iPad also has different uses in the corporate world. But the corporate world is coming up with several new techniques to acquiring them in bulk. These techniques are really diverting people’s interest from buying to renting when in professional spaces.

Apple constantly releases new models:

Since the launch of its first version, Apple is constantly refining its technology. Apple introduces new models after a period of certain time. This constant updating of technology and specs also kicks previous models or models that were released several years back out of the race. So buying an iPad in 2017 means you may lose support after 6-7 years. Which makes this spectacular device a foot behind its competitors in the long run. Corporate world however has a solution to this problem. iPad is mostly used in meetings, conferences, tradeshows and similar kind of professional gathering. Obviously such gatherings don’t happen all the time and buying a technology which may get outdated after some years is not a wise choice. Here iPad rental and leasing services help a lot to business professionals.


iPad comes with a rather complete set of accessories for personal use but the need of accessories for professional usage differ. It comes with a charger, case and an ear plug. But you may need portable keyboard, stand, card readers, POS additions or ergonomic enhancements to it when in a meeting, conference or tradeshow. Hiring or leasing on the other hand is a better option as you can enjoy all this stuff with little to no additional cost. Most rental companies provide a basic set of accessories which includes stands and keyboards free of cost.


The cost of a single iPad roughly lies between $300 and $899. Which if compared to the cost of a single rental device is very high. You can get a brand new Apple tablet for a single day at price range of $10 to $50. You may rent a number of devices for a period of approximately a month to meet the price of a single unit.


If you are a personal buyer, immediately book your device but professional buyer’s need to have a look at the support policy from Apple. Apple’s support policy is made for personal buyers. Corporate buyers cannot take benefit from this support as the need in business differs than that of personal one. iPad hire providers on the other hand are happy to provide any kind of support to their clients. Be it a faulty device during presentation or any kind of support, event managers get immediate replacement for the one.

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