Best App for Travellers

By on May 26, 2014

Best App for Travellers

Try typing travel, train, flight or bookings into the Google Play Store, and you will be greeted by no less than a hundred apps– all vying for your attention and promising excellent results. Which one do you pick for your precious smartphone to have the best PNR status app, Railway App, Flights App and Hotels App? We help you decide.

Read on to pick one app that fulfils all your needs:

ixigo PNR status

Checking the PNR Status, managing Web Check ins, finding out about Delays in Arrival too late, Cancellations, Ticket printouts, keeping a tab of your multiple trips – When did travelling become such a hassle?
Say hello to the ixigo PNR status app. Tap open the app and it would fetch the PNR from your messages. You can manually add PNRs as well. It supports PNRs from IRCTC as well as all major airline booking sites. For trains, it shows you the status of your booking and notifies you of any changes in booking status or train delays. It allows paperless boarding for trains. You can also dive into information about your train, route, running status and more. For flights, it shows your trip details. It would also notify you of flight delays and alert you when web check-in starts. Now entry to airports is Paperless. And if you travel a lot, you can save time by having all your trips sorted in one really simple package- the ixigo PNR status app.

Cleartrip App

This app is a must have for all those outings with your friends where you keep discussing plans for a Goa trip. With the Cleartrip app, you can directly book tickets for train and flight, and thanks to it’s integration with IRCTC, you can easily check availability and book tickets. What’s more, this app doesn’t leave you wanting for a PNR status app – it has the features built in! The Cleartrip app also offers the following features:
• Access your bookings on your mobile device even when you are offline.
• Save traveler details on your account so you need not enter them each time you make a booking.
• Pay using credit cards, debit cards or Netbanking.
• See fares in all major currencies, including USD, GBP, SGD, CAD, AUD, etc.

Trip Advisor

Can’t plan your trip without reading other’s reviews? Trip Advisor promises to save the day with their travel app!  With countless photos, reviews, maps and tips, Trip Advisor provides you multiple options to plan your itinerary to the T. Thanks to the latest addition of features, the app also lists comparative airfares, top rated hotels, acclaimed restaurants, exciting activities and much more, for most destinations in India and abroad. Another great additions to the newest app is the option of booking your flight, hotel and restaurant on the basis of reviews and ratings of the Trip Advisor community. Though the app has a lot of features, it leaves us wanting for the features of a PNR tracking app and train bookings app, which makes it difficult for Trip Advisor to be the only app on your smartphone. For the solution to this problem, look to the first option in this post!

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This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about PNR status Apps.. In order to make your trip hassle free use PNR app, Indian rail app etc. Hope the information shared about the Pnr App may help to plan your trip.


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