Best SAP Modules: What’s HOT & what’s NOT!

By on December 30, 2014

By now you must have finished the research process and know the intact list of SAP modules. A considerable number of “professionals” has tried to tell you the positive and negative points about different modules. But to know which modules are in demand and which are most certainly not? Let’s do a fast check!
Before we begin up with this voyage, one should definitely be remembered. What works sometimes is not a specific module, however where a mix of modules is utilized. A great sample could be SAP MM and SAP PP which may not be extraordinary all alone, yet in the event that taken together as “Logistics” with a bit of SAP SD tossed in, they doubtlessly make a good blend. Your experience goes far-flung in making sense of what’s the best thing to seek after also. Simply adhering to the patterns is not an incredible thing to do.
So with that set up, how about we take a gander at a portion of the hot SAP modules, positioned regarding their relative counseling interest:
1) FI/CO (financials) – Financials remain the most sweltering thing out there in the “SAP Functional Modules”, dogged by the center services. How about we separate it into three definite areas: Financials (FI), Controlling (CO), and “worth included” divisions. To be a great FICO SAP expert one requires that ERP 6.0 services knowledge in the center Financials range. “Accounts payable’ may not be the most looked for after, yet when you have General Ledger added to your collection, you are in the alliance beyond any doubt. With SAP’s multi-lingual conceivable outcomes, it is conceivable to have a top-down GL structure that incorporates parallel lines of sub records progressively. A decent aptitude to possess, consistence based reporting is yet one more motivation behind why the SAP Financials (FI) interest positions the most elevated. The CO module or the “controlling” zones are likewise sought after. SAP has been fine tuning its CO segments for some time, and the practical regions in CO are solid, and begins heading into BI/SEM, which is not an awful expertise to have on the resume either.
2) HR/HCM (Human Resources/Human Capital Management) – HR/HCM is a classification gradually creeping towards and contending for the top spot. Having center updates in its core also, HR/HCM is staying hot to a limited extent in light of the fact that HCM is rising as leverage for organizations (instead of the conventional HR authoritative/back office approach). This is creating a development for the individuals who are gifted in Performance Management design, and additionally E-Recruiting, and a comparable surge can be taken a gander at, in the requirement for different zones of Talent Management too, as more organizations understand that they require the best conceivable programming answer for support in their endeavors to enlist and hold top ability as a key aggressive driver. Being one of the most sweltering ranges of Talent Management, it is vital on the grounds that you can’t oversee ability unless you can methodically assess and reward execution.
3) SD (Sales and Distribution) – It is not astonishing to see Logistic overhauls being pulled into expanded Supply Chain Management (SCM). With regards to the appropriation side of SD this is a looked for after territory. There is likewise a becoming prerequisite for SD-Variant Configuration, which regularly ties into PP and MM. Other than these, there is additionally Pricing, which can be exceptionally modern, and the essential billing part becomes possibly the most important factor moreover. An alternate region taking a demand at driving interest for SD SAP Consultants is the SD-GTS (Global Trade Systems), now regularly called GTM (Global Trade Management) – a key zone for some worldwide SAP usage, and one that requires critical mastery to design appropriately? Necessities in regards to global assessment are muddled, and SAP’s GTM arrangement is going to assume an expanding part in this. Deals and Distribution covers a considerable measure of range, from the “deals” side of SD tying into CRM, and the “conveyance” side tying into General Logistics side of SAP and the Supply Chain Management (SCM) segments. SD’s essential part in all these territories guarantees kept counseling interest.
4) WM (Warehouse Management) – A shocking participant here is, Warehouse Management, which has made a huge climb from prior days. Recently there have been more attention on WM occupations of late and that is on account of SAP’s WM segment is beginning to win more activities over the best of-breed stockroom administration frameworks that numerous organizations at one time decided on rather than SAP WM.
5) PS (Project Systems) – This keeps on gaining a solid decent footing as a maybe out of the blue well known SAP corner territory. A flexible SAP modules that connections up with a few key territories of SAP, however the PS-FI/CO combination in the middle of PS and the costing parts in the SAP CO (Controlling) module is likely the way to the continuous request around there.
That closes a fast register with the universe of SAP modules. There are fruitful experts over all these verticals thus a lot of people more. In the event that this aides in giving a finer feeling of giving a response to which practical aptitudes are most common, the employment here, is done.

This blog is written by Akanksha Singh, a content writer who loves to explore new thing and write about it. Currently she is rendering her services to Shivansh Solution. She has written many write-ups about SAP eventually to guide and assist learners about the course, certification and training on different SAP modules. You may also find her published posts on different media sites.

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