Choosing the Right Swimming Pool and Spa Software to Help your Business

By on February 15, 2019

For a lot of people, a trip to the swimming pool, salon, or spa is a very relaxing event, a welcome change from the stress and grind of everyday life. (Click here to know what benefits you get from spa baths.)They can’t see beyond scissors and foils; they do not know what lurks behind the expensive robes and the fragrance of natural oils and essences. Most people don’t have an idea how much sweat, barbecide, and blood has gone into creating that relaxing, welcoming, and tranquil atmosphere.

That is the point, you may be running around all over the place, rescheduling, and scheduling, disinfectant in hand, sweeping all the hair out of the drains, and putting out candles after candles, but all the customer sees is a carefully crafted illusion of decadence and peace of mind.

That is what the wellness and beauty industries are all about. If you are one of the owners of the spa or salon, you are dedicating your whole life promoting life-renewing and relaxing services for the customers. A pedicure or a haircut may not look like a big deal, but it can mean everything to people who use your spa or salon that are feeling worthless and tired and leaves feeling beautiful and refreshed.

It will take a lot to maintain the illusion, not just in terms of the skills and temperament of the people working in the spa or salon. Today, consumers have a particular expectation when it comes to technology of the businesses they are patronizing. Usually, when it comes to hospitality and service industries, a lot of people want to be able to schedule their appointments, if possible, using online methods and pay using alternative methods.

And that is where the software comes into play. In this article we will explore the kinds of software and tools you should know and need to run a productive and successful salon, swimming pools, or spa, and what things you need to look for when finding a certain point-of-sale or POS system, loyalty reward, and scheduling software. If you want a more thorough explanation about how POS system works, you can visit websites that promote business software like POS system.

What software features do you need?

It is a question that is usually asked, that is why we need to make sure that it is appropriately answered. Let us start from the beginning. You cannot choose the right software for your company or business if you do not know what your company or business needs. Depending on the kind of the shop you are running.

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The market you are trying to penetrate can range from simple customer information tracking to a more complex, multi-purpose payment processing and booking tools. You should start by considering these simple questions:

Do you want a tool or software that accepts payments or are you okay with just using an old card scanner?

If so, do you want to accept credit and debit card, or you want to stick to receiving cash, checks, or any traditional means of payment?

Do you want to show your business calendar online? If the answer is yes, do you want to confirm the availability of every employee in your company as well?

Do you want your customers to be able to book appointments online?

Do you want your customers to pay their appointments using online methods?

Do you want customers to book services, rooms, or both?

Do you want to sell any physical products like manicure kits, shampoo, or incense, if yes, do you want to put a system that can track every item in your inventory?

Do you want to network your business with future and current customers using email?

Does your business have a customer rewards program, if yes, do you want to implement one?

How vital is SMM or social media marketing to your salon or spa?

What types of software can you use to manage your business?

Now that you have a better understanding of an idea of what you want your tools or software program to do, you can now discuss the different software and tool available in the market today.

Booking software

If you are running wellness or beauty-based business, it is much a given that you will need a tool that will let you schedule appointments. And while you try to decipher the crappy handwriting on a traditional paper calendar is sometimes fun, booking tools and software are much better.

No crossed-out words, no fading inks, no coffee-stained and crumpled pages, just organized, Times New Roman schedule appointments, beautifully and perfectly laid out geometric squares. Well-Designed scheduling tools and software are a marvel of modern technology. Imagine a software that can eliminate mistakes on double-booking, automatically account for vacations and times when employees are not available to work, layout work weeks in secret, as well as digest chunks easily.

A lot of business owners have their blood boiling just by thinking about it. But there’s more, A lot of booking tools and software solutions have online capabilities, allowing the customers to schedule their trip, reschedule, or cancel their appointments without calling your office phone. Most even allow online pre-booking and payment. 

Point-of-sale tools and software

You are not running an old or traditional restaurant or store, so you may not know that POS or Point-of-Sale tools and software is a good option. Generic Point-of-Sale system usually is not suited for spas, salons, or resorts. Most lacks appointment calendars as well as the ability to book clients, but some POS solutions have been purposely made to handle the need of service businesses.

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The software has all the advantage of offering a better inventory management features, an area where booking software and tools used to fall short. If you are selling physical products in your shops like shampoo, soaps, hair brushes, essential oils, and card-based gift certificates, POS solution can be beneficial.

It also brings the good employee management software to the table, an area where it outshines over traditional scheduling programs. If you want the employees to monitor their ins and outs and track time, POS solutions can meet your demand than using booking software or tools.

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