Choosing the right website application development partner

By on April 18, 2019

Before you even think of bringing on a business partner who has expertise in developing web applications, make sure to check their level of partnership, leadership style, experience and skills. Given the high importance of website application, one cannot ignore its importance. So, here is a quick rundown of choosing the right partner for your next web application project.

  • Evaluate credentials

When evaluating software vendors and technology partners do a quick background verification. “How long have they been in business? “What is the level of expertise?” “ How many apps they have successfully built?” It’s also important to look for strong credibility in the market. “Do they have the requisite expertise to realize your business vision?” “ Do they have relevant expertise to the solution you are looking to implement?” “Do they have specific vertical industry experience that can match your exact specifications?”

2)  Testimonials and references are critical

What do other customers have to say? You may ask vendors to share case studies, testimonials, and client references. Remember a happy client will openly talk about the vendor they have partnered with. When speaking with the references, be sure to ask: “How long they have been associated with that partner?” “How has this provider addressed their specific needs and built their website application? Is the customer team responsive to your business needs? In addition, you can do some homework by scouting their social media profile and surfing the website in detail. The idea is to look behind the curtain and inquire with a future website application development partner about a list of clients you can contact. 

3) Consider timelines 

You’re looking for a partner that can help you realize your business vision faster. Make sure to ask about the timelines and how quickly he can deploy the web applications with performance, speed and quality. Ask what the original timeline was and see if there were delays and what was the cause? While we understand that timelines are likely to change owing to increased expectations of stakeholders and decision makers, still you can gain a good idea as when could you expect your project to be delivered.

4)         Be ready to go Native! 

Make sure the partner you choose to work with is within your country. In order to make the best out of the partnership, you must go native. National holidays and standard work hours vary significantly from one country to another. For instance, you would not want to partner with someone that celebrates a major national holiday during the peak time of the year.

While the vendors you select will inevitably be different depending on your outsourcing needs, be sure to focus on someone you can partner with. Do not just seek out simple vendor-client relationships. The decision to engage in outsourcing is a decision that effectively extends the availability and manpower of your organization. Your outsourcing partner should work as an extension of your staff. Their business should be staffed with employees that will feel the same sense of pride and ownership in their deliverables that your own employees do. Setting your expectations any lower and you set yourself up to fail.

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