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By on June 19, 2014

Most companies today use digital screens; from local dining establishments beaming daily specials to an office computer blinking the ever-changing price of gold; these screens provide necessary information every single day. PresentationPoint is the software that makes controlling this information as easy as one, two, three!
Unlike their printed counterparts, digital signs can change in the blink of an eye giving them the ability to convey the most up-to-date information or the best information for changing situations. Too often, though, companies only use their brightness.
The software can help your company fully utilize the capabilities of your digital screens. Without purchasing a single piece of new equipment, you can double your communication ability no matter what type of business. Many offices are a sea of digital screens, often in more than one location. With this software each screen-saver can beam company specific PowerPoint presentations with up-to-the-minute information to each desktop. This is invaluable if your price quotes are based international exchange rates.
It can automatically update presentations in real-time eliminating the potential for error allowing your sales team to focus on making a great presentation. This can be done remotely meaning the presentation can reside on an in-office computer and update presentations on remote computers by logging into the company system. On the road or in the office it is easy to use. With a single click your carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation with the most current data can be transformed into snapshots for use in B-to-B proposals, catalogues, annual reports or leave behinds.
Updating digital signs in the office or the store is also easy since the software plays well with several input sources. You can run news from multiple sources; RSS feeds, DataPoint, iPoint, TickerPoint; in various formats like a news crawler or as a slideshow. This feature allows retailers to manage time-sensitive sales or restaurants to run mealtime specific specials.
Different monitors can be fed an array of PowerPoint presentations by creating playlists for each sign, a group of signs or all signs company wide. It is like creating a playlist of your favorite songs for your music player and sharing it with all your employees. The playlist can be scheduled or set to play randomly. The controller is in your hands.
You are not confined to the same feeds running all day either, data can be scheduled to appear on certain dates at specified times. Doing this will not require learning a new queuing system because the software can collect and schedule data using Microsoft Outlook, software already in use in most offices. You drag and drop into the calendar, and it is ready to go. Anyone in the office with a computer can input data or set what appears on the screens.
It is no secret we live in an information age and business thrives on up-to-date, relevant information. Time is money; knowledgeable employees and informed customers save both. This software can give your business an edge by putting the power of information to work for you.

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