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By on October 13, 2019

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In the last 12 months alone, we have seen some of the biggest technology acquisition and integrations in the IT and Cloud businesses. Bigger companies are losing their reputation to risky Data Management policies and governance policies. On the other hand, much smaller and younger companies are making competitive bid to not just outcompete bigger logos, but also push for their acquisition within their operations!

Do you know what the future holds for us in the IT industry?

We can make a steady guess at it. How? Well, technology is a great enabler for everyone and everything that moves in the IT industry. And, it wouldn’t be hard to state that Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are the new enablers for IT companies and employees working in core technical roles.

ITOps has witnessed a watershed moment already with a flurry of innovations and conceptual disruptions through convergence of Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Containerization, IoT, RPA and now, Blockchain.

So, what does ITOps look in this dynamic ecosystem crowded with a growing number of new emerging technologies?

Today, ITOps is moving towards something very extraordinary that would infuse IT engineers and BI teams with energy. We are sinking into AIOps!

AIOps is an interesting application that involves IT disciplines combined with AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and Data Management.

Interesting, it’s a word coined by Gartner. Gartner forecasts that ITOps would be simply replaced by AIOps – a major disruption that marks the maturity of digital transformation for all major IT companies eventually, and their customers in the near future.

Why we still need ITOps?

ITOps is like a breakfast for all companies, and to stay true to nature of core business operations that demands reliability and transparency, AIOps is simply too much to ignore today. With the constant deluge of data and the numerous challenges arising from incapacities in handling and effectively conquering data, we find AIops providers filling the gap between data collection and scaling it for making impressionable impact on revenue and reputation for any company.

ITOps world is like a sandpit – there is just enough space for every IT company to deliver efficiency and scale on their data analysis and intelligence solutions—yet, the stakes are too high when we speak of Data monitoring, governance, compliance, customer data management, and above all cyber security. With new disruptions floating in the data governance such as GDPR and California Act, we might find Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, SAP, HP, Dell EMC, and smaller players in AIOps such as Moogsoft and StackState shaking the foundations of traditional IT standards.

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