MS Exchange Email Hosting – Top 5 Benefits

By on December 2, 2015

Just like a business can’t think of running its daily operations without emails, it is not possible for the business to carry on its communications without choosing a right email hosting solution. Though there are many email hosting services available, all of them don’t provide equal standards of services. However, one of the mail servers that has become a renowned name in the business world because of its usability, enhanced features, and availability is the MS Exchange Email Hosting solution. This is one of the most secured as well as reliable ways of hosting email data of your company.

Microsoft exchange email hosting has many benefits and the top 5 advantages are:

  1. Complete Management with Liquid Web

When Liquid Web is used for hosting exchange server, businesses have their peace of mind as the management of server is done by the hosting service provider itself. Whether it is the question of installation or configuration of necessary server components, all the works are done by MS Exchange Email Hosting solution provider. In fact, the added services such as round the clock monitoring as well as supporting services are also provided by the service provider. These facilities ensure that businesses always stay connected with their important data always.

  1. Microsoft exchange email hosting is more than just Emails

When a business, no matter what its size is, opts for MS Exchange Email Hosting solution it gets much more than what it would have got from a simple email. The users will get value added services with simple email services too and they are task organization feature, contact maintenance facility, and fully managed calendaring. You can access all these features and facilities from a single place. In fact, users are also able to access emails from their web browsers too because of the concerned service’s combination with AJAX Web Mail Interface of the Exchange. All these features and facilities help in increasing productivity and at the same time getting more organized.

  1. Scalability as well as Redundancy

Hardware load balancing facility is supported by Exchange of the liquid web. Therefore, scaling of the server is a very easy task here. You can add more servers whenever needed so that you have enough space for data storage no matter which stage of business growth you are in. This facility is potentiated with complete peace of mind when it comes to securing emails. This is because of the available backup facility as well as redundancy.

  1. Wireless Synchronization

One of the main advantages of Microsoft exchange email hosting is the synchronization facility with all the important mobile devices. Therefore, no matter whether a manager or business owner is, he/she can manage the email aspects as well as contacts and calendars right from his/her tablet or telephone. Therefore, you never miss a meeting or a message, even when you are moving from one place to another and not in your office desk.

  1. Active Directory Service

You will get a completely managed Active Directory and therefore you always get complete domain service access. With Microsoft Management Console, you can access support of Windows Authentication.

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