Seven blunders of the technology in the world

By on August 13, 2015

All of us have heard about 7 wonders of the world. Then why list down top 7 technology blunders? The reason is simple- all of us are dazzled by successful technology innovations day in and day out. Is it all hunky dory in the world of technology? No sir! The successful path breaking technologies are only the tip of the iceberg. A large number of failed attempts and despair stories are hidden beneath these success stories. However, majority of the times such failed attempts remain confined to the four walls of an organization’s laboratory and over a period of time become a matter of healthy banter between people involved. However, once in a while the technology blunders are assumed to be the next biggest thing and promoted by the organizations. That is when these technological blunders are out in open for the people to comment on and say ‘What the heck were they thinking when they developed this?’ Let us have a look at some of such black gems.

Windows Vista

Microsoft’s name is akin to some of the path breaking technologies. However some of their solutions have marred their reputation in the market. Windows Vista is one of them. his was one Operating System which remained in Beta mode for the longest time but still was not able to perform as expected. There was nothing in this OS that would encourage a user to move from XP to Vista. It slowed down the system tremendously and had sync up problem with almost all the applications. Thankfully Windows 7 came to the rescue of Vista users and sorted out majority of the problems that Vista had created.

Nexus Q

Google does majority of the things right and are looking far ahead in their technological innovations as compared to their competitors. However, once in a while the mighty may also fall. Nexus Q is a prime example of that. This was a digital medial player developed by Google.On receiving abysmal feedback about the product, google did an absolute U turn on this product. However, call for a graceful exit and Google did one. It gave out Nexus Q free of cost to all the customers who had pre-ordered it and quit the business completely. Now that is what majority of the companies will not have the heart to do!

Nintendo 64 (Cartridges)

Nintendo dominated the gaming industry for a long time. However their decision to stick with carts backfired on them. Nintendo pulled out of a collaboration with Sony on Optical media pool and that is when Sony developed Playstation. Now this is what we call hitting the axe on your foot yourself.


Netbooks were launched as a lighter, smaller alternative to Laptops. However, the hardware could barely support the windows software. Hence it was quite useless for any other activity. Even the basic functions like checking emails or surfing on the websites was a huge task- the system will hang up all the time.

AMD Phenom

AMD processors that ruled the roost for a long time became obsolete overnight- intel core 2 processors took away everyone in a storm. AMD’s answer to this was supposed to be AMD Phenom. This was a quad core processor- while intel could only bring together 2 cores, AMD was going to do it with Four! Phenom was a big disappointment though. Now AMD has betted all its stakes on Fusion CPU.

Blackberry Passport

With the Smartphone launches getting all glitzy and glamorous off late, each of the new phone is awaited with a lot of anticipation and anxiety. Blackberry owners still swear by their beloved phone and awaited for the Blackberry Passport Launch. However the phone was a big disappointment to say the least. The shape of the phone is its biggest drawback. It is a largish square which is quite inconvenient to hold or slide in the pocket. None of the features are really exciting as well.

Apple III

While Apple Macs are the most popular PCs, Apple tried to create one for the enterprises in 1980s. Apple III however was very close to a technological disaster. This was built for rugged use and hence had a metallic casing. The case was also supposed to absorb the heat. However, the system was prone to overheating since there were no fans to cool it down and casing was inadequate to absorb the heat generated. There were other issues as well where Floppy disks got damaged by internal drives and chips got dislodged from motherboard. The PC was discontinued after few years.
While it is not easy to gauge what technology may work in future, it is important to take a call at the earliest in case some technology blunder has been made. Otherwise such things have the potential to prove extremely expensive, and sometimes life threatening.

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