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By on October 27, 2017

SMS, an acronym for Short Message Service, is a text message service which is mostly used in telephone, World Wide Web and mobile telephony systems. To exchange short text messages, it enables mobile phone devices to use standard communication protocols. This protocol allows the user to send and receive a 160 alpha numeric characters to and from GSM mobiles. There is being an increase in Internet Protocol – based messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

SMS is also used in the mobile marketing business, where the organisation or individual sends a short message to the customers regarding the offers, information or discounts, etc. to let them know about them. According to market research report, business revenues from this SMS are about 50% of the total revenues generated from the mobile messaging.

The various advantages of SMS services are

  • Instantaneous Deliverability:

SMS helps to deliver our message very fast i.e. on an average of 7 seconds from sent to receive.

  • Flexible Platform:

SMS is a reliable platform to send a handful of messages to a targeted group or even sending thousands of SMS to our entire list. All that is required is to subscribe the SMS. It can also be read by deaf and hearing impaired persons also.

  • Direct Opting In and out:

Subscribing and unsubscribing the messages is very easy. This option helps the customers to decide whether they want it or not.

  • High Open rate:

For an email to be read by a customer, he needs an email account and internet, where for SMS it is not required. SMS can be opened anywhere and anytime. In recent times, there is an option that the text message is opened automatically.

  • Short Messages:

To enter a 160 character length message is a challenge. The sender needs to convey his message clear and it needs to be precise. Therefore, SMS gives the message directly i.e. with needed information rather than unnecessary ones. The SMS should be simple and catchy.

  • Calm Factor:

It will give a head start for the business as it helps our clients to keep with us and also provide them with the information about the organisation. The message can be stored and forwarded to anyone in no time

  • Unlimited Market Opportunities:

With mobile phones being used almost all people around the globe, it is easy to target or communicate with anyone around the globe. Also, the language in the SMS can be set according to the need of the customer, the market opportunities are unlimited.

  • Environment Protection:

Since the companies use SMS marketing strategies, it helps to save paper and environment.

  • Spam Free:

Unlike Email, SMS is spam free and there are high chances that the customers read the message.

  • No special sign up:

SMS doesn’t require any special sign up like email or other internet messaging apps. It requires only the customer phone number.

  • Storage:

Being a short message the SMS can be stored on the devices and also can be deleted anytime according to the convenience of the customer.

Therefore, SMS service is a fast growing industry and the companies are using it to target a large number of customers at various demographics at low cost and in less time.

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