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By on January 2, 2019

 The video mate can be stacked with features. And all these features can provide as video rental stores. And it may become for a sale module. And it has a bar code support as a backup feature and searchable a database for inventory and customers.

When you use the app and it can print receipts and reports to export as a mailing list of the customers as a Microsoft world mail merge. And this app can support as networking to be well. So the videomate apps can be set up a schedule and it can port by a user as basic information. It can set up the module as a great list of options for implementing store as pricing structure.

Overview of videomate

 If you are looking for an app to hold a large amount of data to the video mate can be the best option. And the customer database has a date of birth; store credit card numbers can indicate any of late fees and add additional family members. The date of birth has your account .this video database has been thumbs to be well. And the user can enter as a title of the movie to select its genre from a list of options. And you have to finalize a format of the movie as a video, DVD and blue ray.

Process of videomate app

 It may have a special feature of a video mate app and it can allow the user to distribute and receive gift cards as selling merchandise. And the trial version of the video mate app can be limit to 50 customers and video titles. It may be easy to install an app and it can involve with no complications at all so all video store owners have to manage the work with help of video mate app.

This videomate apps can be a flexible tool which allows the user to manage the video rental and sales business in a pretty easy way. And the user has to set a new outlet to add a password. It may describe as rental rates to add new trending videos and customers etc. so the rentals and rates can include a discount amounts.

And it can membership fees to charges and various other payments which include accrediting card transactions by using ax charge. So you can download all video mate app with fewer bugs. And vmate can be more famous as a video mate. It is 100% free to download a video mate. So you can visits video mate videos by a downloader on a website.

Videomate features galore

  • Video Mate and the vmate app can come with rate options, membership options, taxes etc.
  • And it may Point as a Sales module.
  • So this app can come for every video or DVD rental owner needs.
  • And it is compatible with a Web Link.
  • Using an X-Charge and its processes can credit card payments.
  • It is great for reporting capability which includes rental statistics.
  • So this app can provide for customer birthday to get alerts and credit card can be expired alerts.

The app can manage all preorders.

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