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By on July 22, 2014

You will never ever have towait for your train to arrive at the station, check the PNR status repeatedly on your desktop, or tackle slow websites that seem to take forever while looking for an appropriate train if you simply download the ixigo trains app. In the era of the smartphone, there is no reason for suffering standard train journey woes. With the superb ixigo app on your smartphone, travelling by train should become a breeze.

The trains app by ixigo is definitely the best app to use for managing your travels by Indian Railways. Here are some of the amazing features of this super app: The app allows you to search for trains by the name of the train, by the train number, the route of the train and even the date of your travel. Once you have narrowed down to the train you would prefer to travel by, you can check seat availability on that train. You can check seat availability for upto 6 days prior and post your desired date of travel. This makes your decision so easy as you do not have to keep making searches again and again. Once you have decided on the train and the date, the app seamlessly transfers you to the IRCTC portal where you can make your bookings. As easy as 1-2-3. The features of this super app do not end there. You will keep getting PNR updates thanks to the app. Any change in your PNR status and you can rest assured, the app will alert you about the change. The ixigo trains app also lets you know about your berth allocation. This super app will also update you in case there is any delay in your train. Instead of wasting hours at the station waiting for your train to come, you can use your precious time more productively. If that’s not all, you can even book food to reach you directly at your seat provided of course you have a confirmed booking.

This app, which is available free of cost on the Google Playstore, takes very little space on your mobile. It is compatible with all devices 2.2 android and above. The user interface is clean, easy to understand and even a first-time user will not face any hassles or confusion while making a booking.

Going beyond simply train-related features, the app also lets you book for hotels. It covers a wide range of hotels–from upper-end luxury hotels to no frills budget hotels. Booking hotels is as easy using this app as booking trains.

There are many apps that are available today in the train travel domain. However, none of them come close to offering the kind of features that the ixigo app does. This particular app is easy to use, easy to understand and fulfils all the travel requirements of a traveller. This app seems to cater to every possible requirement of a person wishing to travel by the Indian Railways. So forget about the days when travelling was a stressful affair. With this app on your mobile, you will never have to worry about train travel in India.    

This post is submitted by Ravinder Malik. This time he has written information about ixigo flight and hotel app for windows. In order to make your trip hassle free use ixigo best indian railway app, PNR status app and lots more.

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