Users found a serious problem in S8, so wait for Samsung Galaxy S9

By on June 14, 2017

The first users of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 could hack into the device with the help of photographs. Unlock smartphone was captured in a video clip published in iDevice Help YouTube-account. Quite shocking. Strongly Recommend, wait for Galaxy S9 to get launched which will surely not have these kinds of issues, next year.
Galaxy S8 smartphone has face detection system. However, the first owners of the gadget could cheat program with a simple photograph. To unlock the phone, it was enough to bring to the sensor holder face picture.
Samsung’s representatives are aware of the error and trying to eliminate this issue for upon Galaxy S9. To eliminate the issue will be issued a special software update.
“Galaxy S8 provides users with a variety of options phone unlock, including the use of biometric identification systems owner is important to note that facial recognition can only be used to unlock the phone, but allows access to Samsung Pay and Secure Folder”, – stressed in Samsung.
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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9, has become a very nice device. Do you like the most feature-rich Galaxy S? The design, the nice material, good ergonomics, fast fingerprints scanner, a great screen, and water protection are all that come in the S8. I would not hurry. I’ll tell you why, reviewing the pros and cons of the device.
I’ll start with the undisputed advantages of the device, namely, all the technology that Samsung Galaxy S9.
This is none of the competitors. Smartphone protected from moisture by standard IP68, it can safely be washed under a tap, drop in water (in a bath in the toilet) without affecting the efficiency. It is worth to remark: after contact with water, the device cannot be recharged until the connector is dry. Also, do not expect a 100 percent performance dynamics, may not work the microphone and earpiece. Again, I repeat – just until the moment when the device is dry. To this we must be prepared – this is not a marriage, and especially the implementation of moisture protection inherent in any device with protection against moisture.
Materials, assembly
Cool the body, nothing to say. Glass front and back, metal frame with pleasant to touch the lateral faces. The camera flush with the body, which is good, all parts fit perfectly, no gaps, backlash. In a nice turn, there is no physical home button. Everything is exactly the place where it should be.
4200 mAh – it is even good on paper, not to mention how great it works in conjunction with a screen Super AMOLED and the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. At full load (benchmarks, install applications through 4G, play games, social networking, calls and correspondence in the messenger) smartphone to 23 hours of discharge to 10%, i.e. on the day of active use of the Galaxy S9 should suffice to charge smartphone quickly. Full charge takes place in less than a half an hour.

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