Windows 8 tablet – get tablet at the price of a laptop????

By on December 4, 2012

Windows 8 Pro by Microsoft is out at $899 for 64GB and $999 for 128GB which is integrated with Intel Core i5 and is stronger and faster as compared to the earlier version which was running on Windows RT and powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core line of processors. Well the pricing is at the level of laptop. Though the keyboard is not available for this tablet but yes, you have a stylus to write in style. It is good to write with stylus on screens as it prevents your palm getting impress on the screen and interrupt your hand writing. But yes external keyboard can be attached to it and when everything comes with a price tag this too comes at an additional cost of $128.
Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Tablet which is 6.8 by 10.8 by 0.53 inches in dimension and its HD LCD display is 10.6 inch just like Windows RT but runs on 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution with ppi ratio of 208 approx. supporting 10 point multi touch instead of five and is integrated with Intel Core i5 and Operating System of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro where as Windows RT runs on 1366 by 768 pixel. It also supports 10 point multi touch screen instead of five point touch screen as in Windows RT and is integrated with Intel Core i5 and Operating System of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro. With 4GB of RAM as compared to 2GB RAM of Windows RT it also has internal storage of 64 and 128 GB. Its Wi-Fi compatibility of 802.11 a/b/g/g lets your connect with the world with great, supports 4th version of Bluetooth so that photos & docs can be shared instantly and 3rd version of USB is available so that a microSD slot can be used for further extension of storage if 64GB of storage is not sufficient. It also has a mini display port to give you a video output.
Windows 8 powered tablets are supported by Intel Atom processor. Microsoft Surface tablet are made keeping in mind the simplicity and performance of their home PCs and this was full filled by integration of Intel’s Ivy Bridge core i5 processor. It is made in such a way that it matches almost most of the ultra books which are available in the market.
Windows 8 is more about its operating system which runs on Windows 8 Professional. The new operating system is similar in temperament of its earlier version and so the applications and games running on Windows RT can function on this one as well and this gives users a lot of choices to select from. It doesn’t end here – it also supports full office experience including Visio, Access, Outlook, SharePoint Designer, and other business-oriented components of the Office suite but it comes with a price unlike windows RT which only supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote which comes along as a package along with Windows RT.
There is a difference between Tablet and Ultra book. And with features like these Microsoft has to gather a big chunk of iPad and Android users which are priced very closely to the Intel-powered tablets.

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