Windows 8 (This Window is closed before it could open….)

By on November 29, 2012

Windows 8 ….the first question comes to your mind is where we really waiting for this and if your answer is no then the whole purpose of launching Windows 8 is lost because no one was interested in it in the very first place.

Don’t know about you guys, but I personally don’t see how any new Operating system, even if it was to be huge, could slice open the Windows market and astonish a person with huge sales.

Upgrading Windows is in itself an excruciating task because of the structural design of the organism as a total. You basically need to re-install the whole thing from scrape. The lone case in point this would occur is if you have bought a new machine or probably not put in much in  are not invested in the your machine at all and have literally  nothing installed.

Upgrading your PC to Windows 8 means you now need to contact Adobe to acquire Creative Suite in operation again. Programs that need verification will normally be very tiring to set up on the new machine.

To be truthful, I might be incorrect about this Operating System. It may only be the hurt of the upgrading slaughtering any sales, but I have my reservation on it because it is the poisonous one-two clout at job here. There is unwillingness to advance owing to the torture occupied plus the out of your depth new Operating system that does not modernize work flow in any way. There are huge numbers of attractive on the go tiles that aim to converse the message: That’s not computer!

Microsoft and its image management machines are the major problem it has reached a point that they will not look or think out of the box and will ignore critics. When they used to see at the critics, things were looking rosy. Nearly every critic has comments that are precious. Do not take into account at your own peril. In its place, Microsoft studies the whole thing within. It runs clogged centered groups.

Precisely how the corporation deteriorated to this end is rather mystifying. So at present we are seeing the first gesture of negative response for Windows 8 with elevated hopes of things civilizing. In realism, we will see the second gesture of negative response, which will be hollow until the third sign comes along. The third sign will consist of citizens rejecting Windows 8 and then opting for Windows 7 or something older than that and if you remember we have seen this drama in the past with them when people were reluctant in their new ideas and went on continuing with their existing operating system hope its needless to say what I am talking about. Though nothing personal against these giants but somehow they still need to catch up and catch up a lot.
If I am not wrong I guess with sincere effort and methodology they must have already started working on Windows 9…and if that does not work then we have Windows 10…11…and so on.

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