2 Android Spy Programs to watch out for to Grow your kids Succesfully

By on March 10, 2014

Spy Programs are plenty and there is no limits to the creativity of the android developers. This has put the Spy programs on the top leagues which creates a problem of awareness in people. Spy programs can be used in a good way and bad. Like any great inventions, The android spy programs can be used to your advantage and can be used on you creating devastating results. A scenario would include someone spying on you to tap down every single conversation on your phone. That includes your BB messages, SMS, Calls (that would include call logging.) and a lot more. why , someone could access your image and video database sitting on a computer on the other side of the world.
This article covers just 2 major players in the Android Spy programs.
1. Mobistealth. : Mobistealth is an interesting application with the widest range of traffic for all the platforms not just android. Think of an application which could work on Blackberry phones, Iphones, Android, Symbian(nokia) and even window. Thats mobistealth. The features are breathtaking and you could simply do a lot more things with just this app installed on any phone. The highlight feature of mobistealth was the Remote calling. Remote calling enables people to listen to the phone environment without the phone owners knowledge. Other features are perfectly the same as any other apps. This includes, location tracking, Phone access, Call Recording, Image and Video Taps. Skype and whats app messenger logging, BB logging and the list simply goes on.
2. mSpy. Msyp is relatively new but is capturing people’s interest. The best part about mSpy is their Customer service. All the features is the same as mobistealth but have relatively lesser market as its a new company. With the customer service in place the hits to the mspy website is on record levels and people are actually purchasing mSpy. The features are simply the same as Mobistealth and there is no difference but for the cost. The prices of mSpy is actually a tad bit higher and there is a clear reason for it. The customer service is excellent and you can get someone to help you through the entire installation process

Both the Spy softwares have the same features. the features include

  • Application Blocking
  • Calendar, Notes, Tasks
  • Call Recording
  • Facebook
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Incoming Calls Blocking
  • Installed Applications
  • Read Emails
  • Record Surroundings
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Device Lock
  • Remote Device Wipe
  • SIM Change Notification
  • Skype
  • View Call History
  • View Contact List
  • View Photos / Videos
  • View Text Messages / MMS
  • WhatsApp

While both the apps have the same features, some of the features work better on Mobistealth as compared to mSpy. the best features of Mobistealth includes the Remote calling. One of the best features to be first launched by Mobistealth, this is their prime key to success. New features like Facebook chat logging are incorporated on mSpy and this is quite interesting too.
Mobistealth is also into Computer Softwares for spying and is a great deal ahead in innovation as compared to mSpy. But the dedication and focus of mSpy is worth mentioning all the same. I am yet to be seeing any free spy softwares for Android. Hope to add more here once i come across the same.
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