3 Steps to an Even Better Download Speed

By on July 5, 2019

If you are familiar with downloading files from torrents, you would probably hear about seedboxes. It is important for downloading or uploading files both at a very high speed.

Often because of the bandwidth limit, the internet users face issues while downloading large BitTorrent files. The seedbox hosting has brought a solution to this problem. It enables the user to download it faster. And moreover, you can easily get cheap seeboxes to get your work done.

You will be amazed to know that even cheap seedbox can provide a download speed of 100+ megabits or more.

If you are among those users who are facing a slowdown in the BitTorrent file transfer rate can opt for the hosting and enhance the speed of both uploading and downloading.

what is a seed box?

Seed box is a server remotely hosted in a high-bandwidth data center used for uploading and downloading digital files. Bandwidth can be range from 100Mbit/s to 10Gb/s. Seed box generally uses Bit torrent protocol for uploading or downloading files.

It is connected to a high speed network. It varies from provider to provider for offering the servers. There are providers who offer 10Gbit/s shared servers while others will allow users to scale their needs.

Once the files downloaded from the torrent site, users can download it at high speed to a users personal computer via HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or sync protocols. On a high speed network it takes maximum a minute to download large files. Because of its high speed feature, cheap seed boxes have become more popular.

How does it help you to have a faster download speed?

  • Each of the seedboxes has torrent clients with a web user interface that you have to log into via any browser. But you should be able to control seedbox remotely.
  • In that user interface, you have to load the torrent files in your next step or you can load torrent URL. Once it is loaded it will start downloading and seed the torrent afterward.
  • After the torrent downloads on the seedbox, you can easily download it anytime anywhere with very high speed.

Some seedbox allows an HTTP file browser which allows you to download files from the seedbox via a web browser. It prevents any traffic coming from your home internet connection.

While downloading large files there used to have a lot of problems. But with the technological advancement now there are ways to boost your download speed.

There are companies which provide cheap seedboxes and also they come with quality. They are capable of providing you the high speed download anytime anywhere. So you don’t need to waste your whole day just to download a file. You can easily do it any convenient time of yours.

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