Different Ways to Get Cheap Car Shipping

By on October 24, 2020
Cheap Car Shipping

There might be several reasons you want your car to be shipped or relocated from one place to another. But what could be the best possible way of moving a car to the desired location quickly? Well, we have got your back, and we will help you in getting the cheapest car shipping service for you.

You need to consider many factors before you decide to transport your car from price range to the facility, security, and all the other things you need to take care of entirely before you make the final decision to go with any company.

Different types of transport available for moving a car

No doubt, there are various kinds of transport facilities available that you can use to ship your car.

  • Door to door transport services
  • Hiring a driver
  • Ship your car through an open trailer
  • Enclosed auto transport shipment
  • Open car shipping

These are five different types of car shipping transport available through which you can choose according to your budget and requirements.

  1. Door to door transport services: Door to door transport services is getting popular day by day as people usually tend to invest in areas where they output more with less investment. The door-to-door services are provided in various other ways too.
  2. Hiring a driver: Hiring a driver is one of the cheapest options for shipping your car. This method is a very straightforward way in which you need to appoint a driver, or you can even ask your friend to drive the car where it needs to go. Though mileage can be a factor of concern for some people. But if not, this is a great option to ship your car, which generally costs around $1100.
  3. Open trailer shipping of cars: Well, we will tell you at first that this is the most expensive way to ship your vehicle. You need first to decide whether you want to go for a single trailer or double trailer. Though the option is costly, if you have a classic car and do not want to risk it any accident or damage, this is perfect. You will be delivered to your vehicle without any harm and with complete safety and money.
  4. Enclosed auto transport shipment: This is also a better option to ship your car and is less expensive than open trailer shipping. There are certain factors which decide the accurate shipment cost of this kind of shipping. Most important are the weather conditions,the size of the vehicle, the vehicle’s model, and the brand. This type of shipment protects your car from wind, dust, and other weather conditions as they cover the car’s exterior. The estimated cost of shipment of vehicles with this method goes around $1200 to $2000.
  5. Open car shipping: Free car shipping is the cheapest way to ship your car. Your car is placed in an open carrier and is driven to the destination. The estimated cost is around $985 for this method of shipment.


 As of now, we have mentioned all the best ways to opt for the shipment of your car. Make sure to pick the one which suits your budget and requirements. Also, check the condition of the vehicle once it is delivered and handed over to you.

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