5 Things You Need to Know About E-Mail Marketing

By on October 5, 2014

Email marketing, a great new and improved way of marketing and communicating with your customers that grew from the idea of regular mail. In the old days, before computers and email, business owners would send communications, ads, information, coupons, deals, specials, and product descriptions through the mail; it was a much longer, tedious, and expensive task compared to the ease of email marketing. Email marketing allows business owners to send all of the same information and more to their clients/customers without postage, and without a long time-table. Emails are quick and efficient and they are a great way to get into your client’s everyday lives and establish actual relationships. Being successful in the business world is all about creating customer loyalty so that they feel comfortable to come back and give you more business. When it comes to email marketing, if you are a business owner, there are some things you need to know and be aware of.
5 Things you need to know about email marketing as a business owner or marketer:
E-Mail Marketing

1. Communicate, Don’t Tell

Communicate with your customers don’t just talk at them. Creating customer loyalty is not a one-time deal, it is a lifelong commitment that requires trust and trust is only earned through ongoing, positive, informative, and consistent communication. Write your emails as if you are having a conversation with a good friend; establish relationships with your customers by giving incentives and making them feel special. Email marketing is the least expensive form of communication in terms of producing, delivering, and money resources.

2. When to Communicate

The importance of communicating through email marketing is just the first step; you also need to be aware of the best times to communicate and how often you should communicate. The timing of when you send off your emails is actually very important, apparently the most popular day for opening emails is on Wednesday, followed very closely by Tuesday.

3. How Often to Communicate

You may also want to consider the time of day you send out your emails based on who your clients are. If you are emailing to the younger generation, a later time may work better for you. How often you should communicate is not an exact science, other marketers has simply said to communicate often, but not so much that you become annoying.

4. What to Say

Keep your emails short, sweet, simple, and to-the-point and make them easier to read by using bolded headings and paragraph spacing. Worried about what to say to make your customers come back to you and do business with you? You don’t have to know exactly what to say, but you should always give your clients something to do, somewhere to go, or a coupon or ad to use. Give your clients some kind of call to action each and every time.
E-Mail Marketing

5. Subject Line

Spam is a huge threat to your email marketing effectiveness, which means you need to be aware of what Spam emails look and sound like so that you can try your hardest to be the exact opposite of that. The ‘From’ information and ‘Subject line’ are the first things people see so be sure they look legit and informative. Do not include the words free/deal in your subject lines because many spam emails look and start out that way. If you would like to keep a record of the emails you send and the progress you make, you can use printing services in Miami among others.

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