All About Your DSLR And How To Clean It Safely

By on March 23, 2016

Using a DSLR can be intimidating especially when you have to clean it. There are so many things that can go wrong if you accidentally touch or expose a mechanical part that might damage your DSLR’s machinery but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.
Your camera, just like any other gadget, can be susceptible to dust and dirt. More so when you take your camera to beach trips and out of country travels. To maintain its healthy condition, a camera should have its own time for spring cleaning. Unfortunately, most people go to service centers to get their cameras cleaned for fear of damaging the merchandise if they clean it themselves. This would usually cost them a lot of money so to save on cash, let us guide you through DSLR cleaning.
First off, arm yourself with materials. These are inexpensive tools you’ll need so that you can clean your camera yourself. These tools are what professionals use and can save you a trip to the service center for camera cleaning.

  1. Soft bristled brush 3. Lens cleaning cloth


  1. Silicone blower bulb 4. Cleaning solution


  • Using the soft bristled brush, dust off your DSLRs body from dirt and particles. Pay close attention to inaccessible or hard to reach areas such as ports and memory card slots. These areas should be regularly cleaned as these are places where dirt can accumulate
  • Remove the eyecup of your viewfinder and use the lens cleaning cloth to wipe away any visible dirt. You may use this lens cleaning cloth on the screen/LCD as well. Take note that not all lens cleaning cloth should be used with your camera. Make sure to get material that is specifically designed for cameras
  • If your camera has gotten in contact with sticky fluid then you may use the cleaning solution to remove this. Spray a small amount of the solution and wipe away with the lens cleaning cloth. Remember that liquids can damage the internal parts of your camera so make sure to apply a small amount on the surface only.
  • Your camera will have nooks and corners that cannot be reached with the soft bristled brush or the lens cleaning cloth. This is where the silicone blower bulb comes in handy! Use the bulb to blow air into areas that are difficult to wipe. This is helpful in removing dirt and grit or other loose particles in areas that the other tools have missed.

There you have it! Easy steps you can do on your own at home without having to go to service centers to have your DSLRs cleaned. You didn’t just save money but you’ve turned yourself into a camera pro.
Always remember, regular cleaning is important for any gadget so that it is well maintained and will last longer. Make the effort to clean your DSLRs from time to time. You invested your hard earned money on an expensive camera and because of that, you should definitely take care of it without the need of service centers or professionals.
Do you have any tips and tricks in cleaning a DSLR? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and help fellow camera enthusiasts! If your camera gets broken, are you prepared? Worry not! Invest in gadget insurance, For just a few dollars, you can insure your camera for as long as 2 years!


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