Troubleshooting Your iPhone 6s

By on March 23, 2016

Every year, Apple releases a brand new smartphone and it’s usually highly anticipated by many. Apple’s latest release is the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Like all gadgets, these new models were rumored to have issues and we’re here to help! So before you head down to the Apple store, read on and maybe you’ll be able to fix the problem yourself.

Random On/Off Glitch

Several iPhone 6s users have complained about their smartphones randomly turning off by themselves without being prompted to. This seems to be a common glitch most users encounter since there are many threads dedicated to this topic in the Apple website. The solution to this is quite simple but will cause a real pain if you have a lot of information already stored in your mobile phone.

According to experts the best way to get rid of this bug is to do a hard reset and wiping your phone of its memory. Users have tried to do this and restoring their memory via iCloud or computer back up but the problem seems to persist. The best way to remove this bug is do a complete wipe without restoring backed up memory. Think of it as starting from scratch and having a brand new phone. It’s a better solution than having to buy a brand new unit.


Similar to the On/Off glitch, an iPhone 6s overheating is another common issue. Then again, overheating iPhones have been an issue over the years with previous models. It seems that Apple has difficulty addressing this problem. This issue occurs when the iPhone is being used while it is plugged into a power source. The problem is usually hardware related and you can go to any Apple store so that they may replace this for you but before doing so, Zach Epstein of suggests to “First, check out Settings > Battery quickly. It’s rare, but you may have an app that’s going crazy in the background and causing your phone to overheat. If you see any apps on that list that’s over 35-40% and you don’t use them enough warrant that amount of battery consumption, disable their access to background activity or just uninstall them.”

Live Wallpaper Does Not Work

A few iPhone 6s users have complained of animation problems with their live wallpaper. Some not even finding the Live Wallpaper option at all. To remedy this issue, check your settings to ensure that the Low Power mode is disabled. Enabling this will not let live wallpapers work. This can be found in Settings > Battery. Another tip is to try to choose a static wallpaper first before choosing a live wallpaper. Switching from a still wallpaper to a live wallpaper will usually get the job done and have your wallpapers animated again.

Battery Percentage Issue

An issue unique to the iPhone 6s is its battery percentage issue. The previous iPhone models have had battery life issues before but not the percentage on the iPhone display. With the iPhone 6s, specifically with the operating system 9.2, users have complained that their iPhone would get stuck at an amount then would instantly go down to 20% indicating that it is low in power. Some users who frequently change time zones manually or automatically experience this glitch the most. Apple is currently investigating this issue but at the moment, users have found a quick fix to this problem. To address the issue, restarts your phone then select Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure Set Automatically is enabled. You might need to do this once in a while until Apple releases a new update that addresses this problem. For now, it’s your best bet from having to spend hundreds of dollars on a replacement iPhone.

Are you an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus user? Have you encountered other problems with your phone and have found a quick solution? Share your experience in the comments section below to help a fellow Apple iPhone user!

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