Should your employees be using name badges?

By on November 3, 2014

It’s all about the details when it comes to your company, especially when those details involve marketing opportunities. Name badges for your employees are an essential detail, when it comes to your company. Whether your employee is working with a customer, or attending a conference or trade show for your company, name badges provide the confidence for your employees to represent not only themselves, but also your company.
No matter how complex the design, you can personalize and create name badges that are unique to your company.

Confidence is key.

Whether you have an employee at their first business expo or introducing himself or herself to a potential customer, a name badge provides the confidence for that employee to represent your company. How does name badge printing provide confidence? Simple:

  • It creates a personal truth for an employee, they can confidently say, “Okay, this is me and I’m proud of my name and company.”
  • It creates conversation. The hardest part of any conversation is getting it started. Name badges provide the simplest way to start any conversation by simply stating your name. A relationship is automatically created between your employee and customer after they have introduced themselves to each other.
  • It provides an opportunity for people to smile, and can even facilitate laughter and invite playfulness. Name badges allow the employee-customer relationship to be personal and relaxed.

Name badges equalize the playing field when it comes to interactions between your employees and customers. When a name badge is worn correctly, your employee is successfully leveling the playing field. It can convey the concept of individuality before industry and personality before position.

An essential detail

Marketing is critical for any company’s success and paying attention to the details is just as critical to that success. Name badge printing is a marketing detail that is often overlooked by companies. When your employee wears a name badge they are promoting your company brand and logo in the best way possible. Customers interact with your employees on a more personal level, because they can see their name badges.
If your logo is on the name badge and the customer has a positive experience with your employee, they will associate this experience with your company. This can provide your company with repeated positive exposure.

Out with the old in with the new

Your company deserves the best, even when it comes down to how your employees represent not only themselves, but also your company. Name badge printing provides the opportunity for you to personalize a product that will be appealing to not only your employees but to your customers, making your company memorable.
When your employees are attending a business expo or trade show, they can provide positive exposure for your company. You wouldn’t want them to attend with a sticky label and sharpie, because this would detract from the professionalism your company deserves. People are looking for a company that with employees who are professional and approachable. Name badges printed on a durable plastic, in full color and design are the details that will not only promote marketing for your company but will also create a positive image.

Getting Started

Once you have made the decision to move ahead with name badge printing, follow through by giving us a call and we will work with you to create the perfect name badge for your employees.

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