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By on May 2, 2017

In the present world of advancement in technology, there are many such brilliant apps which allow you to track some other person’s phone activities. These complete phone monitoring apps are mostly used by parents and companies to monitor the activities of their children and employees. As a parent, you might give your child a cell phone in order to contact them all the time but with the sense of security these apps help you to stay relieved and track their activities remotely without letting them know and which helps to keep your child away from unwanted sites and indulging in harmful activities.
Different companies also now days are using these apps to monitor phone activities of their employees in order to increase their profitability and project reputation as because when all the employees are aware of the fact that they are being monitored they will obviously perform well. These phones monitoring app serves as a perfect tool for checking your employee’s activities. With these apps you can easily get the knowledge regarding websites they visit, or either they are wasting time in the field or posting any sort of companies’ information over the social media which may be harmful to companies’ goodwill.
phone monitoring app
In the present market, different phone monitoring apps are available some are free of cost where are others cost some fee. All you need is to install these apps on the target phone in order to freely access their phone from anywhere without letting them know. These apps have different features which may vary from one to another.
Some of the features which should be included in a complete phone monitoring app are as follows

  1. Ability to track SMS – a complete phone monitoring app must contain the feature to track all the text SMS from others phone. It must enable you to read all inbound and outbound text messages of the target phone on which you are currently spying on. These details must include time, date, and contact name of the sender, their phone number and also their location details.
  2. Feature of MMS tracking– these apps must have the capability to track MMS messages also from the target phone. It must enable you to read all inbound and outbound MMS messages. It should have features where you can easily see the photos shared over the phone including its time, date, and contact name of the sender, their phone number and also their location details.
  3. Feature to track browser activities– one of the important features which are must for a monitoring app is its ability to track activities of the target phone over the browser. These activities include all the sites and pages that are being viewed over the net by the target phone.
  4. Ability to track GPS location– a complete phone monitoring app must have the feature to view the exact GPS location of the target phone any time over the map. This is very helpful feature by which you can track the exact phone location of your child or employees or some other target phone. With this feature you can easily see the complete history of the target phone anytime.
  5. Feature to track call records– this feature include tracking all the calls of the target phone you can easily see records of inbound and outbound calls. It must also have the ability to identify caller’s number, their names, call duration, and time.
  6. Tracking phone events– another feature which a complete monitoring app must have is to track phone events of the target phone. It includes viewing details of the various app installed or updated or various events saved in the mobile like birthdays, anniversary etc. this feature acts as a bonus for you and gives you the freedom to totally access the target phone without letting them know.

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