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By on April 19, 2017

Pinterest is the visual social media that is the quiet achiever. It recently overtook Twitter to become the third most influential social platform. Take on board some of these tips to help harness the power of Pinterest in your long term SEO plan in Melbourne. Still not convinced? Pinterest is the social media platform that can boast the most consumers who use the site for purchasing, and often purchase in large quantities or spend large sums of money. If that doesn’t scream goldmine for a business then nothing does.
Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows robots to crawl the site. Anything that these robots read can potentially turn up in a Google search result if it popular/trusted enough or the search is that specific. Facebook doesn’t allow this for privacy reasons; however Pinterest is a much more open, social community. As soon as a website is finished, the first thing the developers will do is ask robots to crawl it so that they can enjoy visibility as soon as possible. On Pinterest, the site does it for you on a regular basis, keeping Google up to date with all your latest activity.
Key words are gathered from everywhere. The titles of your boards will end up in your inner URLs, and the individual titles for your images can also assist SEO. One of the most beneficial aspects of Pinterest is that repins still maintain the original source. If you’ve uploaded a great image then no matter how many people see it across how many levels, they will be able to come straight back to you for credit, not have to meticulously follow the chain of repins.
Once you have set up your account, there are some things to keep in mind for SEO. First of all, one of the most common mistakes is when people just leave the generic, unreadable combination of letters and numbers that automatically comes up unless you save the file under a special heading. These become the titles for your headings, and don’t rank as well. Ensure you keep it simple but relevant to the picture or board. Edit pins so that they include a link; this is not an automatic feature but you will notice most people using the platform for promotion have taken the time to add this and for good reason. Keep descriptions short. The site allows descriptions of up to 500 words, but this is not user friendly, and people will likely just skip over it.
Pinterest is so successful because you can say so much about your likes and dislikes with the images of others. Don’t be afraid to pin images linked to rival businesses, or even images which you would usually not relate to. It does not have to be solely of a product, but could be of a mood or feeling associated with it. A person should be able to look at your boards, and not necessarily see your products straight away, but understand your values and likes. Add Pinterest follow and pin buttons alongside your Facebook like button on your website and blog for easy sharing. Did you know you can pin videos? Few people know that Pinterest is a video as well as photo platform, so long as the video is produced using another software.
Perhaps best of all is the fact that Pinterest is a fun and simple form of entertainment. Think of it as contributing to your marketing while still being a chance to take a break from the hard stuff. For a professional chat about how to establish your trusted social media presence, please get in touch with the famous SEO Melbourne experts at Zib Media.

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