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By on January 10, 2018

In today’s time, we all are absolutely crazy about smartphones. Be it the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S8, every one of us, the tech-savvy generation wish to swap cell phones like clothes. However, the increase of monthly expenses-, thanks to our rich lifestyle, which is reaching new highs of lavishness- and your stubborn income push us back from fulfilling our wishes.

Additionally, selling one’s phone making way for buying a new and upgraded is a baffling. Well, today, we have many websites, calling themselves the trust agents between the buyers and resellers for used smartphones. But, typically, on such web portals, you don’t get the best value for a used smartphone. Based on the make, model, and most importantly, the age of your smartphone defines its worth in the resale market. On phone resale web portals, the resale price, you get are way below the market value.

However, to the good fortune of all the smartphones lovers out, there is a website named ‘Fone Wizard,’  presenting you a platform to sell off your old cell phone. Here, you are bound to get the best price for your smartphone, along with fast and efficient solutions. So, in a nutshell, this web portal is the one-stop solution to convert your rubbish phone into cash.

How Does This Website Work?

The procedure to sell off your smartphone is quite straightforward. Foremost, send your smartphone device to the company, then their team of IT technicians will evaluate your cell phone for the best price. Once, they are done with it, Fone Wizard will present you with the best deal in the whole market. If you agree, get paid the same day.

The working of this website, save people from the hassles of entraining worthless query of your potential buyers, though smartphone resale websites. So, if you don’t have the time or the patience to find the right buyer, land upon the official website of the company, and get the job done and dusted in quickTime.

Be Environment-Friendly

By selling your old cell phone to Fone Wizard, you not only monetary gains, save time, also be a responsible citizen of this planet. To quote the website, the company recycle every smartphone you sell to them, so you are converting your used phone into cash while being environmentally friendly. What more, you get on any other web portal.

Price Promise

The company adhere to the fact that they won’t charge you extra for any kind of customer services. You are assured to get the true value for your device.

Same Day Payment

The best thing about selling your cell phone to this website is that you get same day settlement. If you opt for bank transfer, check your account after two hours, your money would have been credited.

The concluding thought, before you plan to sell your smartphone the above, check out company’s website for more information. Or you contact them directly for any query.


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