The growing complexity of HR management function

By on February 19, 2017

According to some latest studies, HR roles will gain more complexity in the coming time. Over the past few decades, HR professionals across the world have taken on new HR and talent management competencies. And this fact has been strengthened by a study of over 4,000 HR professionals at more than 1,200 units.
The competencies need to become an effective HR professional have been revolving continuously.  A few examples can be cited here.  In 1987, the study revealed three key HR skills domain. These included: HR delivery, business knowledge, and management of change. Four years later in 1992, four key domains have been identified, while in 1997, the number went up to five in 1997. And the latest studies have identified as many as nine domains when it comes to HR competency.
HR veterans, unanimously, have agreed to the fact that being a skilled HR professional has been increasingly gaining complexity. They think that some of the latest competencies, including social media integrator, interpreter technology, and analytics designed reflect on how HR skills showcase the latest business trends.
Going a step ahead, researchers have even measured how HR professionals have gained more complexity over the past few years. Especially, four domains have gained massive importance. These include:

  • Management of change
  • HR delivery
  • Personal proficiency
  • Business knowledge

However, unfortunately, most of the HR professionals are yet to recognize their individual progress. Most of industry veterans rue this fact. Studies show that most of HR professionals most of the time rate themselves lower than others in their respective organizations. Proving the fact are some studies that show that HR professionals, most of the time, rate themselves lower than other employees in their organizations. Especially, their self-assessments are very much lower than the ratings of non-HR associates.
According to those studies, “HR professionals usually try to be very harsh while rating themselves, perhaps because of having any identity crisis. And their self-criticism most of the time laments the things that go wrong with various HR activities, right from performance appraisal, business partner models, HR governance and so on. That is why, HR professionals have shed light on the importance of building on HR strengths and success while focusing on building a better future.
The growing complexity of the HR profession has led to the demand for specialized HR professionals. And this is precisely the reason behind the growing popularity of human resource management certifications. Especially in fast-growing countries like India, the importance of HR professional certification is gradually being felt. Even studies also show how talent management certifications in India are bringing a sea change to the traditional HR education landscape. And with the rising demand for certification, the number of HR certifications institutes is increasing manifold.
So, if you are a HR professional, indeed the world is now your oyster.

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