How can recruiters leverage social media optimally?

By on August 23, 2019

Hunting for candidates is a tough row to hoe. However, that’s a part of a recruiter’s profile and that is why there is no escape from it. Doing so is the very first step towards closing a position and when you are already doing it, it is always good to know what you are not doing right. When you know what you are doing wrong and stop doing it eventually, you will be able to get more closings using social media. 

So, keep reading as we unravel the habits that you should stop right now! 

Lethargic cross-posting

Posting every new achievement, job opportunity your workplace has is great. However, you should not cross post. Understand that the same message won’t work on every social media channel. You may be pushing the message that you made for twitter on Facebook and other channels but they won’t be getting you the right leads or garnering the interest of the target. Let me elucidate, for Instagram great pictures matter more, for Facebook, you can go into the detail and in twitter there is word limit, so you may want to add other details in the picture. On LinkedIn, you may want to add the job in relevant groups as well. If this is not done rightly, attracting the purple squirrel and send the appointment letter format in doc will become a distant dream for you.

Think where the candidate is likely to be

So, you may be leveraging the major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for posting the job opportunities but still not finding the number of interest active job seekers that you expected. So, in this scenario, it is necessary to check if you expecting the traffic from the right platform. For instance, a developer may use Facebook for personal use and Reddit for jobs. So, study and identify the market, LinkedIn may just be good for networking, and not hiring. Basically, go where the job seeker is.

Being inconsistent

We understand that social media goes on a halt when you have too many calls to make. But, this is not a good practice at all, it is very important to keep your presence constant on social media channels. Now, to compensate, you may think posting more posts in a day would suffice, but it can ultimately lead to unfollows. The key takeaway here is to strike a balance; you can even use a scheduler for posts if time availability is acting as a constraint.

Posting just about job

Your brand on social media will only be able to grow its followers when it will post content on social media that would be interesting. So, you should not stick to posting just about the new job that your company has. On some days, they may want to see tips related to interviews, etc.

Follow this rule, whenever you post. Keep 1/3 of the content promotional, 1/3 to build a relationship with the candidates and clients and the industry content should also be 1/3. Also, when you find the candidate, you can save your time by using an appointment letter format doc.

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