How to select the best ERP provider in India?

By on August 23, 2019

Gone are the times when ERP was considered as an investment meant for a few MNCs. Now, the SMEs and startups are actively hunting for ERP providers in India to run and grow their business expediently. In short, ERP is no more a matter of luxury for businesses. It has become a necessity and the demand of the same is increasing day by day. While the problem earlier was that of acceptance from the end-user, the problem has now shifted to the other side. There are so many ERP vendors in India now that it is becoming hard for the novice to pick the right vendor for the best ERP implementation for their business.

So, we thought of writing this blog to let you know how you can select the right ERP vendor for your business. Let us begin.

Filter the options available

You should have a budget, at least a ballpark figure in mind. Scan on the internet, talk to other people from the same industry. Suggestions should always be welcomed. Then you can take the demo, talk to the salespersons and compare the price quoted by them. If you are looking for an industry-specific solution, you can also use the same to segregate the options available. Remember, the best vendor will tell you the pros and cons of taking the software and removing any of the add-ons.

Check the level of Expertise

Another great parameter is to work with experts. Why work with a new vendor who has no prior implementation experience? Moreover, you should ideally shortlist only those vendors who have implemented the industry-specific solution for a similar industry as yours. When the right software will be implemented, you will be able to integrate the departments like finance, HR, accounting, marketing, sales, etc.

Ask for a Trial

Demos are the best way to make you fall for the trap. Anyone can convince you to invest in their ERP system but don’t forget that grass may not be as greener on the other side. The ERP vendors in India will only show you good points about their ERP but you must not buy what they say. You should request them for a trial. The same will help you analyse the software in a much better way.

Check the proximity

It would be very beneficial for your business if you will choose an ERP vendor near your location. No matter how perfect the implementation is, you will face an issue or two. So, get a partner you can trust and reach upto whenever you want to.

Don’t compromise on quality

Yes, it is important for you do not exceed the budget but compromising the ERP software quality e should also not be done. You should never go with us ERP software which is the cheapest but the one that offers great return on the investment you make in it.

Now that you know how you can select the best vendor from all the ERP providers in India that you are considering, we hope you will be able to make the apt decision and ultimately enjoy the benefits of using an ERP to the fullest.

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