How to Post YouTube videos on Facebook

By on October 4, 2018

Social media is dominating the digital market of the world today. A company before launching their product relies a lot on social media marketing. They often upload a short trailer of their product and wait for the feedback of the audiences to estimate the revenue the product is going to fetch. Technology is continuously evolving and new forms of marketing strategies are being adopted by companies for better campaigns and advertisements. Irrespective of huge development in artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, none could beat the power of video content marketing yet.

If you are an active member of social media, you surely know how powerful videos are to grab the attention of the audiences. Every morning you definitely wake up by checking your notification and scrolling your social media timeline. How often do you pause by and play a video because the thumbnail attracts you? Many times, right? The content is varied on social media so if you want people to watch what you have uploaded, it is mandatory for the content to be unique which will provide you with an edge over other social media influencers.

YouTube serves as the biggest social media platform for all the influencers because there is no restriction on the time limit of the videos you create and upload. But remember, do not create a lengthy video which is completely dragged. In that case, you will receive more negative feedback as compared to positive ones and you have a high chance of losing subscribers as well. So, keep the video within a standard time limit of 20-25 minutes and make sure it is informative and thoroughly entertaining. In that way, people will have more tendencies to share your YouTube videos which will give you a good subscriber base.

It has been widely researched that 60% of the YouTube videos are watched on the mobile screens. So, people scrolling YouTube generally might not come across your content because of millions of content creators on YouTube who posts something new every other day. So, how can you gain attention and fame by putting a content on YouTube without gaining views? The answer is to upload these YouTube videos on any social media platform, especially Facebook.

If you upload any of your videos on YouTube and share the link of Facebook, people will definitely start watching you more. You do not need to upload the same video twice on both the social media platforms. You can simply avail the YouTube FB linker which is available for free on various online platforms. Search for Facebook linker YouTube online free and you will get a bunch of websites who provide such service.

Visit their webpage and copy and paste your YouTube video’s link which you wish to share on Facebook. Wait for a couple of seconds and you will get the new link which you can share on the Facebook timeline and request your friends and family to share. Whenever people click on that Facebook link, they will be auto-redirected to your YouTube channel and they can enjoy the video on YouTube. In that way, your YouTube views will increase organically and you can reach to a wider scale of an audience!

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