Does Apple allow the unlocking of iPhone 7?

By on October 1, 2018

If you are unable to get over the fact that your brand new iPhone 7 comes locked to a carrier, worry not as you are not the only one. In fact, a locked iPhone is not such a bad thing. However, it does come with some drawbacks that cripple its ability to switch to another carrier. Does Apple allow the unlocking of your phone? Let’s find out.

Talking of unlocking, the unlock method through the IMEI number seems to be the best option, it being highly safe and permanent in nature. So you’d better keep aside all the other unlocking methods because most of them are SCAMS and you might run through the risk of getting your phone re-locked in the future. Also, such fraud unlocking websites can get you in trouble with your phone’s warranty period and might even blacklist you. You surely don’t want that to happen and thus, it’s wise to be picky about this service.

Fortunately, there are tons of unlocking websites available in the market and for free on the Internet, but is recommended by any users. However, before coming to any conclusion, here are three methods on how to unlock iphone 7 that we must try our luck with, to check which one of them works for us.

  1. Software unlocking

Software unlocking once used to be the most adopted method to unlock an iPhone. It was first made available during the days of iPhone 3G. But now, software unlocking has come to be good for nothing as this method only works for iPhone 3 or the older. So it won’t really, contribute much to unlocking your apple iphone 7 phone.

So, the bottom line is – stay away from software unlocking.

  1. Hardware unlocking

The second method in line, this one can work, but, it will put you at a risk. Hardware unlocking means that someone will replace the physical hardware/component of your device, which is extremely dangerous. This method may turn out to be effective, but it is a lot more expensive than you think.

And obviously, come to think of it, it’s such a huge risk to trust a random shopkeeper with our beloved phone and play with its parts. There’s no guarantee that your phone would work as well as before after any such changes or in case of any failures. Moreover, if he does succeed then what you will then own, is an iPhone with a nullified warranty. But if he fails, your iPhone will come in a damaged state along with lots of dust and dirt. Many people have advised against this method so, try to avoid it.

  1. Unlock iPhone 7 by whitelisting IMEI

The IMEI unlocking procedure serves as the most reliable and safest unlocking method for your precious iPhone 7. With the help of your phone’s IMEI number, the status of your iPhone can be easily changed from being locked to unlocked in the Apple database. You can find your iPhone’s IMEI number within the Settings section or on the SIM card slot of your phone.

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