Important tips for a career in Big data analytics

By on October 10, 2019

The career of a Big data analyst is a career which offers both security and continuous growth. It is also the land of most promising opportunities and the field of experts in cutting-edge digital technology.

However, despite of all its advantages an aspiring Big data analyst must be aware of some basic things in order to succeed-

  • Know the popular Big data tools

    Traditional tools for data analysis are inadequate to process enormous Big data sets.
    For Big data analytics there are a variety of sophisticated tools and techniques by which skilled analysts are able to extract useful information out of petabytes of unstructured data.

And among the variety of tools, some are very popular and used by the most. Companies tend to hire new talents based on their expertise on those popular tools.

A few examples are- Hadoop, Spark, Azure HDInsight and SAS


  • Knowledge of Statistical programming languages and Database languages

    Analytics require proficiency in Statistical programming languages. The most popular one at the moment is R considering the many advantages it has in statistical analysis. The demand for R in Big data analytics is huge.
    Big data analysts have to work with relational databases like MySQL and Oracle. Maintaining, Creating, Manipulating and retrieving data in relational databases require proficiency of standard database languages like SQL.

Non-relational databases are also picking up popularity and knowledge of NoSQL can be an added advantage to any big data analyst.

  • Having a profound understanding of Business needs and requirements

A number of business establishments investing in Big data have been rising phenomenally. Today’s business leaders want to take smart decisions based on the insights provided by Big data analysts.

This is why it is important for Big data analysts to have a good business acumen and
aspirants must go for Big data courses offering practical training in a business environment so that a preliminary experience can be developed.

  • Ability of creating attractive data visualization

Big data analysts need to convey their findings to multiple stake-holders, many of whom belong to non-technical background. Thus, data visualization is the only way through which a Big data analyst would be able to convey insights and trends.

This is why, proficiency in R libraries which offer quick and attractive data visualization is extremely important for budding big data analysts.

Opportunities in India

A career in Big data analytics does not force you to seek opportunities abroad as India also has emerged as a top destination for skilled Big data analysts.

 An average annual pay package of Rs 15 lakh and a flourishing analytics industry are two great advantages a Big data analyst has in India.

Hence, you must enrol in reputed Big data courses to avail such great advantages!

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