How Internet and Social Media is Driving this Combat Sport

By on October 7, 2017

Muay Thai has become a big business in Thailand. In fact, it is undoubtedly more popular compared to boxing. Most of the related brands in this industry are not willing to just stay on the local scene. They are all looking to gain international exposure with the help of technology and social media. Some of them are launching an aggressive digital campaign that allows them to transform their online campaign into a goldmine that will increase their sales. Yokkao, for instance, a company that focus on the sports equipment started their campaign on YouTube and Facebook. They aim to boost their online presence and authority by releasing HD videos.

The Power of Social Media and Internet

By showing energetic and compelling videos online, these brands are hoping that they can introduce Muay Thai to a group of consumers that are hungry for a different type of martial art. Most companies are using social media to gain an edge to their rivals. By showing a training video that features a professional fighter, they hope that they will improve the visibility of the combat sport to the foreign audiences. Those who watch the videos are not just buying the product; they are also asking information related to the combat sports such as recommendation for a local camp in Thailand, the best diet when training and others.

Social media has allowed the different industry-related brands to increase their reach. The video shows an authentic fight between two professional fighters that people love, compared to boxing that are mostly done for promotion and the results have been fixed by the authorities. By introducing video that delivers relatable story, they were able to increase the presence and reputation of their brand. Furthermore, they were also able to increase the popularity and the visibility of their fighters.

By using online tools, they were able to measure statistics and predict the behavior of their audience and establish a campaign that will suit their tastes and demands. Most Muay Thai brands are also using their social media account as a part of their customer service representative. They were able to provide an immediate solution to the concern of their prospected customer which increases their conversion rate.

Social media has also advances the way that a fighter secures a fight. Traditionally, the fighters have to mail their statistics and fight history in an envelope in order to have a chance to fight in a large stadium. They will take a picture and manually mail that envelope to Bangkok and to promoters. With the help of internet and technology, the fighters from can now keep themselves updated about the upcoming fights. They can also stay connected with the different fight promoters which increases the chance to have a professional fight.

The increasing demand in anything related to the Muay Thai sports not only in Thailand but all over the world opens a new sustainable industry. Social media and online marketing has helped these local brands to connect and secure distributors that helped them grow their market overseas.


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