Reasons why case management CRM is in high demand

By on October 5, 2017

No matter the industry in which you are activating, you have to make efforts to make your customers happy. The reason for this is that they are your enterprises most important asset, and you cannot afford to lose them. But how can one meet customers’ demanding expectations? With the help of CRM software, of course. If you are not a tech savvy person, chances are that you do not know about customer relationship management software. What you need to understand is that CRM is technology that provides insight into the needs of your customers, while at the same time helping you fulfil those needs.
In order to improve the performance of your enterprise, have a CRM solution installed. Special attention needs to be paid to the fact not all technological innovations are able to help you with case management. Only case management CRM can. As a matter of fact, case management software is in high demand at the present moment. Despite the fact that case management functionality most commonly found in BPM, here are many CRM suites, such as bpm’online CRM have advanced capabilities, such as:
case management CRM

  • Case design
  • Case engine
  • Case analytics

It seems that more and more enterprises are using software of this kind in order to handle bundles of accounts. These are the reasons why case management CRM is in high demand. Some of them might just take you by surprise.

Delivering world-class customer service

You are a business manager and you should know by now that there is nothing more important than delivering a good customer experience. You are doing business with people and you have to make sure to maintain positive interactions. The only problem is that this is easier said than done. Why? Mostly because people are hard to please and that it is not easy to treat each single case. Well, it is possible if you use case management CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Zendesk.
The great thing about these software programs is that they allow you to treat each case in a singular way. When customers come to your employees with a problem, they are able to send the request to the person qualified to help in such matters. Case management software allows users to store vital data, basically everything from their phone numbers to their messages. This knowledge allows your employees to handle requests and offer personalized assistance. Your enterprise’s first duty is towards the client, so being able to provide a world-class customer experience is not something to be neglected.

Easy retrieval of information

Enterprise employees are often put in the situation of having to retrieve documents, which is difficult if there is not an automated system in place. When time is of the essence, you have to immediately find the information that you are looking for. When you have a case management solution in place, that data is only a few clicks away. The documents are indexed in the system, which is the reason why retrieving files and organizing them is made simple.

Linking all aspects in case management

Until now, it was not possible to link all aspects pertaining to case management. With an advanced system in place, nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility. What happens is that workers collaborate with each other, being able to share information across multiple channels. It is not necessary for customer service representatives to open multiple browsers in order to get the data that they need. Case resolution is facilitated, not to mention that customer experience is enhanced.

Sequence of processes in case management

case management CRM
If you are completely unfamiliar with the life cycle of case management, you will be glad to find out more on the topic. These are the sages of case management:

  1. Registration of information. The moment someone gets in touch with the enterprise, information like telephone number, email, or message are registered in the activity repository.
  2. The activity is then sent to someone who takes possession of it.
  3. The so-called owner transforms the activity into a case and gets to fixing the customer’s problem.
  4. When the problem is fixed, the case can be viewed in the history section.

Mention needs to the made of the fact that it is possible to change the sequence of processes. Undoubtedly, not all case management CRM tools are able to help you in this respect, but bpm’online Studio can. The online platform has a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to change the sequence of the steps. If you do not favor any of the solutions suggested in this article, you need to know that you can make your own. There are plenty of tools out there to help you create your own case management software, and it is worth taking advantage of them.

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