How to Keep Your Cell phone Battery Backup Well

By on November 25, 2016

The most important thing is to look for the best sorts of options that come around. The digitalization and smart phones have no doubt eased access and communication. But the other factor is that it consumes lot of our time that we have forgotten to connect with the people in person. Anyway on the point I am going to tell you a very big problem that we all face whether using the iPhone or Android based smart phones. Battery is life and it just lowers down if we use two to three apps randomly o at the same time. Now the trouble is to recharge your phone and everywhere you cannot have that luxury. So, think about boosting the battery life with proper and practical tricks.

You Need to Look for the Best Options to Safeguard Battery

Suppose we are taking iPhone here as an example and will discuss how to beat the battery drain issue. If you are not using it then battery is in standby for many days. Even if it is the main source of communication then you can use it for whole day and can put it again on charging at your home when you are back. Here are tips that you need to have a look for good reasons:

1-    Turn off the Refresh Backup for Occasional Apps

Cell phone Battery
It is effective in keeping the phone active if you stop the things happening in the background, anything that reduces life of your iPhone. Turn to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and turn it off fully. Even a simple deactivation is also a perfect fit. Normally it takes a sometime to bring out the new information, but it has no effect on the efficiency.

2-    Disable the Notifications

Don’t just keep on having al notification for the sake of being active but draining your battery. If you turn the notifications off then you need to follow a path go for Settings > Notification Center > scroll for Include and Do Not Include options > tap on a required category (Messages, Reminders, Alerts,) and apps like (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat), it is up to you to choose only those notifications which are possible. It will increase the battering duration for sure.
Cell phone Battery

3-    Set Email Check on Manual System

You need to set the email check on manual system for the best options.  For taking the practical action just hold on again for Settings > Mail (Contacts, Calendars) > Fetch New Data, pin to ‘Push’ at the top to ‘Off’, and then set the Email Fetch to Manual. It is just going to add to battery saving as a matter of fact.

4-    Weak Signal and Wi-Fi Areas Consume More Battery

Suppose you are at place with poor reception of internet and the mobile connection, your iPhone will continually search for a stronger signal. It really drains the battery faster. You need to switch off your phone as to save the battery, and it is pocket and you can put it on a airplane mode if it really makes you feel great.
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