Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review

By on November 5, 2019
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft has recently launched its new line-up for 2019 and has landed with Surface Pro 7. Microsoft has rested its weapons now and I am not kidding here. This is a decent 2-in-1 tablet which is aiming at professionals and creators. You get to have better performance at the cost of the battery. But, there are things which could have been touched like the USB-C implementation could have been better and slimmer bezels could have attracted people. Is it a calm before the storm? Is it just a tiny upgrade that must not be given much attention? Let’s check it out in the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review below:

Design and display

Yes, Microsoft has included a USB-C port and there is nothing new in the Surface Pro 7 design. It is a 770 grams device and the table comes in matte black and silver aluminium finishes. The tablet comes with 12.3 inches on the diagonal with a 2,736 x 1,824 resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. It is sharp, vibrant and enough bright which is quite impressive. The brand could have brought HDR and enhanced color gamut coverage but sadly it is not there. The bezels are thick on the sides which is awful. You can get great discount on electronic items online using cover it up coupons.

You get to see a USB-C after all following USB 3.1 standard and not Thunderbolt 3. Even Apple has adopted Thunderbolt 3, which makes it needful in Surface Pro 7. Microsoft has improved microphones for stronger accuracy and it is such a minor improvement.

The Type Cover keyboard comes with a deeper travel and a bit bouncy feel to your fingers. The Type Cover’s touchpad is just as smooth like it was in the sixth generation.


The Surface Pro 7 is using Intel’s new 10-nanometer processor and it is certainly seen in the benchmark numbers. Last year, Surface Pro 6 carried a 14-nanometer Intel Core CPU. With that in mind, this device is way faster than last year’s product. It carries a 1.1GHz Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor coupled with 8GB DDR4x RAM. There is 256GB SSD onboard storage on this device. Other than that, you get to see 8MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Talking about I/O ports, this device packs a USB 3.0, USB-C 3.1, microSDXC card reader (UHS-I), and a headphone/mic jack.

This device is able to do anything and everything you throw at it. On the Geekbench 4, the Surface Pro 7 scored 5,904 and 17,512 points on single-core and multi-core respectively. It is a 25 percent boost than last year’s Surface Pro 6. Talk about the graphics test, it is a 15% boost up than the Surface Pro 6.

Long put short, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is going to do anything for you and it is done smoothly like a breeze.

Software and features

The Surface Pro 7 is not a device that is rich in features and has not many key features. There is no bloatware on this tablet as this is a direct device of Microsoft. Windows Hello facial recognition is speedy and very responsive. You can open the tablet from Type Cover and it is logged into Windows 10.

There is nothing distinctive in this device when it comes to software and features. There is a Your Phone feature that allows you to sync up the Android phone with Windows to see and reply to text messages, edit calendar or even take calls. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring

Battery life

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is staying on the lower side when it comes to battery life. As “under the hood” power has increased, there is a bargain you have to set with battery. On the tests, the Surface Pro 7 stayed alive for nearly 7 hours, which is 2 hours shorter than the 2018 Pro 6. If you are looking for a decent battery life, then you will get better options in the market. It is an odd setup and the company could have improved battery life. Well, it is not the end yet as the firmware patches can improve it.

Final Verdict

Okay, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the latest addition in the Microsoft Surface lineup and is just a minor update to Surface Pro 6. Yes, the performance is boosted up but it comes at the cost of battery life. The battery life can be improved if there come any firmware patches. We expected a lot from this product but it doesn’t stand at those expectations. In the seventh Surface Pro tablet, USB-C is nice to have but the absence of Thunderbolt 3 and minimal bezels is saddening. I think Microsoft saved all of it for Pro X. Then, why to charge this hefty price? I don’t understand. The crux is Surface Pro 7 isn’t a big upgrade over the Pro 6 and it is very hard to recommend.

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