New Apple Products in 2013

By on March 6, 2013
 Apple is a company that continues to change the world through its innovation, and 2013 will be a busy year. The tech giant is expected to introduce a number of new product updates in the coming months. The speculation on each item is outlined below.iPhone 5S
The iPhone first came on the smartphone market in 2007, forever changing the way people work and communicate. Apple has released a new model each year, and 2013 will bring the iPhone 5S, which is expected to be a higher quality handset with NFC and quad core processing. The exterior design should remain similar to the current iPhone 5.

iPad Fifth Generation

The iPad’s fifth generation is expected later in the year, right on the heels of the fourth generation model, which came with 128GB storage for the first time. The device will be released in the autumn and should be in high demand for Christmas.

Updated iPad Mini

The iPad’s smaller cousin will enter its second generation sporting a retina display. It will hit the market sometime in the third quarter.

iCloud Improvements

In recent months, Apple has acquired a number of patents from Maya-Systems, which specializes in the UI design for cloud apps. Rumors currently circulating suggest that Apple is looking to overhaul iCloud and make it completely integrated with all company products. If this is true, it would manifest late in 2013.

MacBook Pro

Apple’s line of notebook computers were recently upgraded to retina display, and a new model is expected by summer. The upgraded MacBook Pro will not have a design overhaul but will come with a more powerful processor.

New Apple Products in 2013


Like the iPhone, a new iPod is released each year. Even though the music player has lost some of its appeal, a new generation is expected for the late summer, in time for back-to-school shopping.iOS 7
Apple’s iOS will see a refreshed version, bringing improved functioning to the Siri assistant and the maps app. More will be learned as developers begin working with the code.

Apple TV

It has been suggested by experts that television is an area of interest for Apple, and the company could finally introduce the long-anticipated Apple TV in 2013. It is still only a rumor for now. Time will tell whether it will manifest into reality.

Cloud Music Service

Since Apple added a radio feature in the latest version of iTunes, there is speculation that a music streaming service may be coming soon. The company does own a number of patents in that area, which could put them in direct competition with the likes of Pandora and other online radio services. Other reports indicate Apple wanted to launch the music service last fall, but was held up by licensing issues with Sony Music.
While a lot of Apple’s next moves are purely speculative, 2013 does look to be a big year for the company.

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