Nokia Lumia 920 – Bigger is Better!

By on February 19, 2013

Nokia once again proves its relevancy as one of the best smartphone company to its fans. With the recent flagship device, Nokia Lumia 920, this mobile company gifts its fans a Windows Phone 8. At the same time HTC too launched its new device 8X. Want to know how the device is before you actually plan to use Lumia 920? Here is a brief overview of this latest mobile device…
The first impression that you will form after seeing the Lumia 920 is – it is good looking but a little bulky in comparison to the super sleek HTC 8X. Lumia 920 features unibody designing meaning that you will not have access to battery neither will get support for extra memory above 32GB of the storage space. What is most alluring for this latest Nokia handset is its impressive display. Its 4.5 inch screen with 768 x 1280 resolution provides you with crisp picture and lively colors.
The PureMotion HD+ display together with ClearBlack technology makes its all the more appealing to you. Also, the use of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 keeps scratch at bay for this latest Nokia mobile. As a whole, you will have a good visual experience. The glossy finish gives this device a chic look!

Performance and Features



This Windows Mobile 8 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor having 1.5GHz dual core. The operating system is pretty smooth and due to PureMotion HD+ display, you can now enjoy a slight improvement so far as screen display is concerned. There is less of motion blur on scrolling now on this newest mobile phone. Get a clutter free user-friendly setting with this new Nokia mobile.
The homescreen of Windows phone 8 gives you the option of resizing the tiles. Hence, you can fit so many things on the same display and yet keep it clean and tidy. Animations and transitions are very smooth!


The PureView camera in this Nokia mobile is irresistible. The latest device is equipped with four lenses including Cinemagraph and Panorama with the help of which you cam take the snaps of animated images. How about taking multiple snaps in one shot? Yes, Nokia Lumia 920’s Smart Shoot feature gives you this brilliant opportunity of capturing a number of images from which you can select the best and discard the rest.
Auto fixing and editing image is also pretty easy in Lumia 920. With Bing Vision you can scan the OR codes. Click a snap and you will be mesmerized to see the how crisp the image is! Exotic images with vibrant colors – this is what signifies Lumia 920’s photographs. Total exposure, color reproduction and white balance prove the advanced camera technology employed in this newest mobile phone.


The battery backup of Nokia Lumia is superb – on a single charge you can enjoy a full day usage of your device. A full day usage means capturing around 20 images, recording video for 2 hours 45 minutes, continuously accessing the social networking sites and email accounts as well as doing calls. You also have extended battery life and battery saving alternative with this device. Nokia Lumia 920 is an asset to some!!!
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