Role of A Teacher in Student’s Life

By on August 1, 2019

Teachers are the architect of the student’s life. Teachers make their students learn that are life-friendly and good for them. They help them to be the best version of themselves throughout their lives. A teacher strengthens their student to perform better in life and make the best choices for their life. So here we discuss the role of a teacher in a student’s life.

To impart knowledge

It is one of the most important and most common roles that a teacher plays in a student’s life. The main job of the teacher is to impart knowledge to their students. A teacher is given a particular curriculum that he or she needs to follow throughout the year. However, a teacher can teach in many ways including lectures, small group activities, and hands-on learning activities.


It is a natural role that one expects from a teacher. Whether it’s intentional or not a teacher is supposed to mentor their students. Students always look upon their teachers and their guidelines whenever they are in confusion to make a decision. Mentoring is a way a teacher encourages students to strive to be the best they can. A teacher by taking time to listen to what students say, impart to students a sense of ownership in the classroom. It also builds self-confidence in the students.

Creating a classroom environment

A healthy positive classroom environment is a must for learning. Teachers play a vital role in the classrooms when it comes to the environment. If the teacher prepares a happy and warm environment in the classroom then the students are more likely to be happy. If a teacher is angry or shouting the students will also reciprocate the same. As students tend to mimic their teachers, so it’s very necessary for the teachers to be calm and composed.

Signs of trouble

A very important role played by a teacher is that of a protector. A child is away from his or her parents for a long time when they are in school. They need proper protection. A teacher is the one in whose sight a student remains. When student’s behaviours change or there is a physical sign of abuse are noticed, teachers are required to look into the problem. A teacher should deal with signs of trouble appropriately.

Role modelling

A student always looks to their teachers as their role models. Teachers themselves think that they are not role models but inadvertently they are. As a student spends a lot of time with their teachers, they naturally want to become like them. The teachers are not only to teach the children, but also to love and care for them. A teacher is a typically highly respected individual by people in the society and therefore automatically becomes a role model to students and as well as their parents.

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