Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Why it is so special?

By on July 21, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones are in demand all over the globe; the reason is very simple, most advanced, and simple in use, Android platform, best display and lots of features. But this is not enough, to be the best in the market and Samsung has to do something different and this year, Samsung will do it with the release of Samsung Note 5.

At present, the smartphone of each manufacture is passing through a problem of battery life, manufacturer are adding lots of features but they have to sacrifice the battery because of compact body, more powerful processor and more resolution display. And this problem has been seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge too, and the battery life of this device is poor as compare to the Samsung Galaxy S5. If we talk more specific, during the night the device spends about 6-8 percent charge to nowhere. During the day most of the energy consumed screen data and, of course, inside processor. For very dense using smart risks not live up to the night and discharged halfway to the outlet. In this case, it is necessary to use a power saving mode. From the usual saving mode sense special is not, and that’s extreme energy efficiency to stay in touch twice as much time. By the way, activation of the chip, the device is not just limited to use all its functions, but also behaves like any budget phone: becomes slightly wistful. So, you have to suffer from all this because of battery issue, so would you buy Galaxy Note 5, if you don’t have to suffer from all this? And now you must be having question that how Galaxy Note 5 would help to overcome? Well, Samsung is testing the extreme fast charging and within few minutes you would able to charge your phone, is not it cool? Well, it is!

In 2015, the price range is also playing a major role in success of a device but the bad news is, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would come at higher price for sure. On other hand, at the moment there are several versions of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. First of all, they differ in size built-in memory: it can be 32, 64 or 128 GB. And there is a big difference between the prices, and without microSD card slot, Samsung is actually forcing people to buy more memory phone. And the good news suggest, presence of microSD card slot, yes the most desired specs in the Galaxy Note 5 is the microSD card slot, fans don’t want to sacrifice. But again as mentioned the price is going to be high, it won’t be surprise if it would cross the 1000 USD mark, as Apple is doing the same since few years.

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