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By on November 30, 2012

The galaxy note-2 is the leading smart Samsung phone to lift-off with android, which carries stunning graphical aptitudes and an advanced Google. It contains new features such as appropriate search. It also has a safe elected device, which means it has supplementary security structures to safe guard complex data and communication. It has a 5.5 wide screen with a ratio of 16:9 and it is 24 % bigger than the unique galaxy note. It has a superior battery which is somewhat less than the unusual galaxy. The capability to create and collaborate is the s pen which has been reshaped to deliver a more detailed and natural writing and drawing skill. S pen opens a new home screen that permits one touch admittance to typically used applications.

Some key presentations are:-

  • Easy clip – This feature lets you to outline or crop any content on the screen in any form to save, part or paste.
  • Air view permits you to do emails, calendar entry, image colonnade or video to broadcast the content without opening the full site. It also delivers unrecognised icons in numerous applications.
  • Quick command- It quickly orders the application and facilities used by people. You can send emails; make calls with modified S pen.
  • Idea sketch-It allows you to easily handle artworks. It provides descriptions, keywords. One can even personalized and add images and illustrations.

Multitask and Share- The galaxy note 2 takes multitasking to the next level by allowing consumers to promote multiple openings on one screen encircling high definition. Some multitasking structures are:-

  • Pop up note-It permits you to open a prompt window to jot down a quick note through a call, testing mails or watching video.
  • Pop up video- It covers a concept of pop up play while watching a video with a touch button; the video will develop a moving image on the display.
  • Pop up browser- It unveils a new browser when you open a new link fixed in an email.

It also comprises many of the standard, real life content and sharing structures:-

  • S beam- It helps you to segment large size video files and documents in minutes without using data provision.
  • Share shot:-It helps in allocating pictures occupied from any other handset or camera up to 200 feet away.
  • Burst shot: – It releases rapid fire real pictures with zero shutters, take pictures with optimum colours, lighting and lucidity from best shot image references.
  • All shares cast:-Share finest video, gratified, mobile games, movies, TV shows with other user electronics.

Customise and accessorize: – It has a defensive flip cover. It improves the look of the galaxy note 2 with a finest front and glossy background, while providing confidentiality and fortification. The shielding flip cover comes in seven vivacious colours to modify the galaxy note 2 counting titanium grey, sandstone white, blue, pink, pristine, lime, green and orange.

S pen with eraser:-This ergonomic, full structured S pen features a button for signs and eraser tip for easy improvements. It gives an impression of pen or pencil.

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