Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" – Wait for a perfect tab is over..!!!!

By on December 3, 2012

Screen size, LCD & TFT Classification, panel type, resolution, pixel pitch, bright colors, color depth, viewing angles and the list goes on – there are some of the many specifications about High Definitions. And when it comes to HD screens, it starts with enormous resolution. And Kindle Fire HD 7” with 1280 by 800 HD display is rich in its resolution. View it from any angle – it is rich in its color contrast with superior polarizing filter and custom anti-glare expertise.
HD entertainment can be experienced best in terms of sound only with great sound system and in terms of HD content there is nothing other than its bandwidth. Amazon kindle fire is exclusively featured with custom Dolby audio, dual-driver stereo speakers and auto-optimization software which enriches your experience with clean, crisp and fairly balanced audio. If it lacks in bandwidth you would have slow downloads, disconnected connections, buffered videos. Kindle fire HD is supported with high-tech dual-band, dual antenna Wi-Fi with 40% faster speeds. More storage, power battery life and strong processor is significantly designed for enjoying HD Movies and games that too with high-speed performance and then there is no need to sacrifice it battery life for watching on HD.
Amazon Prime – Only for kindle owners can borrow and read books for free from kindle owners lending library or watch Prime instant unlimited videos. You will find most popular apps and games on Kindle Fire. Amazon Prime members can also rent or purchase hottest blockbusters or favorite shows or titles from major movie and TV channels. The Kindle store is equipped with gigantic book selection of most popular books. Millions of free books and magazines can be read at no cost at all in brilliant HD display and shiny full-color or even purchase a book or magazine at the lowest price. Amazon’s MP3 music store has a wide selection of songs from various artists. The Amazon’s music library is a home to one of the biggest music libraries. One can also buy music from Amazon’s MP3 music store and it can be stored in cloud at no additional cost. Amazon kindle Fire HD 7” can also be your walk man once you import your favorite music gallery and store it your Amazon cloud player. Create and manage your playlist, download or upload songs, listen to live music or listen to it offline – do as you wish to with your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7”.
Nobody likes interrupted and with Kindle Fire nobody can interrupt you while you are reading. If you need to be interrupted for any reason – Kindle comes with a solution “Audible”. Audible lets you play your favorite bestselling authors which are performed by world-class narrators.
The pre-installed Skype and free fully integrated face book application lets you connect with the world instantly. The front-facing HD camera lets you make video calls or can be used to take pictures by using any camera applications available in Amazon app store and share them instantly just by a click. The new email app on Amazon Kindle Fire is fully integrated with world’s most popular email providers. Sync contact, send and receive mails, view attachments – all is simple with Amazon Kindle HD 7”.

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