Top 3 Issues Encountered in CNC Machining You Should Know

By on August 19, 2019

Just like in other industries, CNC machining also has some issues, and you need to be aware of this so you can deal with it appropriately. Here are some of the problems that you might encounter during the process:

Machinist and Design Engineers Are Not Working Harmoniously

The two crucial personnel in CNC machining are the design engineers and the machinist. Most of the time, the problem occurs not on the process but the preparation of the work. The design engineers will create the design, and the machinists will examine it before continuing with the process.

The machinist will be the one to determine if the part can be made, what attributes are essential for the type of machine, and how it is going to be. Realistically, not everything the engineers have drawn can be made on a device. So, it would be helpful if the engineers will carry out some research before they make their drawings. By doing this, their vision will be harmonious with CNC machining capabilities and the machine that their vendor has.

The Need For Additional Steps

A com mon issue in CNC machining is the deburring of parts that have tiny attributes. For instance, a part looks like the size of a pencil in a drawing, but in reality, it is not. If you check on the specs and scale, it turns out to be as small as a pinhead. Generally, with a tiny part, it is difficult to get into small areas within the part. A secondary process is required like electro polishing to ensure that the piece is burr-free.

Material Matters

In Computer Numerical Control machining services, the choice of material is a vital consideration. For example, you look at a drawing and think it is a good part of the machine. But, upon examining the machinist found out that the engineer wants to produce the part using tungsten – not everyone can machine this material.

The same with metal cutting. If the drawing calls for using a lathe, Swiss-style screw machine, or CNC mill, it might be tough to complete the part precisely the way the customers want it. It makes it more likely that the tungsten should be done manually instead of the machine.

Communication is Important in CNC Machining

The best solution is communication among the personnel involved to resolve all of the issues in machining. Machinists are experts in their field, and so are the design engineers. Excellent communication between the two is essential to ensure a particular part can be achieved according to budget, schedule, and specifications.


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