What Is The Difference Between Cheap Dedicated Server And Highly Configured VPS

By on February 15, 2020
cheap dedicated server

Dedicated web hosting, and VPN web hosting, are the two important types of web servers used by businesses. It has been seen that a majority of large businesses are seen using dedicated servers as it satisfies the varying needs of large businesses in the best possible way.

In general, dedicated web servers are expensive than VPS. With the increasing configuration of VPS and its cost-efficiency, many businesses are welcoming this concept.

What is VPS?

A VPS is a type of dedicated server that has multiple “virtual machines” installed to execute on it. It can have several different OS executing simultaneously and independently of one another. THC Center is a leading web hosting service provider that offers cheap dedicated server 1gbps to users.

 How is VPS superior to a dedicated web hosting?

It has been noticed that a dedicated server provides a disk space of around 100 GB, but only 2% to 5% of its CPU capacity is used. Not just it makes it extremely inefficient, but to have a dedicated server for an individual client is a huge task for the teams. This has given rise to virtualization.

With virtualization, you can make the best use of the CPU capacity offered in dedicated web hosting. You can take the various different OS and install them on a single web server and execute them in virtual environments.

It has been seen that by doing this way, the server can use nearly twenty-five percent of the total capacity of a processor. It also uses 500 GB of the total disk space.

Which one to choose: Cheap Dedicated Server or High high-level configured VPS?

A cheap dedicated server can benefit you with performance, and higher processing power. On the other hand, VPS can help you lessen the cost.

VPS will be a good option only when CPU cycles are completely free to use by your system. In that scenario, it will look as if the systems are on a dedicated web server. They get executed pretty much quicker than when processed on the dedicated processor.


In data centers throughout the world, VPS technology has created a revolution in the way things are being carried out. It makes sense to virtualize the web servers wherever possible to reduce hardware cost, backup power cost, cooling cost, electricity, etc.

Due to the benefits of VPS technology, there has seen an explosion in this service and is expected to continue in the future too.

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